Young-Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut

13 01 2010

I feel as if we’ve been on list-overload so far this month. It seems like a lot of blogs turn into just that… lists. And as much as I love lists, I feel like today it’s time for a real article. And a free download. It’s an incredible jazz album entitled Soulful Strut, and it’s by a group called Young-Holt Unlimited. It was released in 1968. Hell of an album. Very worth downloading.

It took me a bit of time to find this album, but I ended up finding it. There’s quite a story behind this one, too. My roommate was watching a YouTube video in the other room. I glanced over, but there was a lawn mower or something (turned out to be a car engine), and it didn’t seem that interesting. A few seconds later I heard an awesome song coming from over there, so I asked him who it was. He wasn’t sure, but he sent me the video so I could do some investigating.

After looking through the video description and checking the comments section, I couldn’t find anything, so I asked my friend to use his Shazam app on his iPhone to find out what song it was. Surprisingly, the ever-so-popular iPhone couldn’t solve our problem. There was an app for that… it just didn’t work. So we were stuck.

We tried a few websites that do basically the same thing as Shazam, but neither one worked (Midomi and Songtapper). After that, all hope seemed lost. In desperation, I put the video up as my Facebook status, offering a cash reward to whoever could tell me what song it was.

A bit later, I got a message from a friend of mine with a YouTube link to a song. He found it! Or so I thought. Something sounded off… and there were vocals. With the help of a site called Who Sampled, I was able to find the actual instrumental track and the artist. It was “Soulful Strut” by Young-Holt Unlimited.

After a quick Google search, I was able to find a fellow blogger, who provided a link to the download of the album Soulful Strut, which I am providing you the link to. So, take joy in the fact that I found this album, and go have a ball listening to it.

Moral of the story: The internet fucking rocks.





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