Strange Fruit Project – M.A.S.K.

4 02 2010

Today’s group is one I’ve been wanting to get into for a couple years. I’ve heard their name here and there, but it was only a couple weeks ago I got my first mixtape from them. It’s Strange Fruit Project. The mixtape is M.A.S.K., and you can get it for free at the bottom of this post.

M.A.S.K. stands for Making Art Sound Kool. The mixtape dropped in November of last year, and it’s their first project since their 2006 album The Healing. I’m probably going to invest in the album, judging from how dope this mixtape is. Check their site and their MySpace for more info.

“Sunrays” is easily my favorite track off the mixtape. That track itself makes the whole mixtape worth downloading. It has an interesting chord progression, and the instrumentation is super contagious. I also love the hook. “Day by Day” is another dope track. The entire mixtape is really solid. Get it. Shout to 2dopeboyz for allowing me to find this.

Download it.




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