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5 04 2010
Shy Guy

Hey I’m a producer/beatmaker from TX currently going to school in NY. I’ve been pretty active in the beat battle scene in NY. Last year I won 3 consecutive battles at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe. I just finished a concept beat tape that I’ve been working on for about a year now called “Beats, James Beats” Basically for the album I sampled every James Bond theme song in chronological order and the result is this beat tape. I just set up a website for the project, as well as a short youtube teaser, where short segments of each beat play over the original title sequences of the movies. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Here is the URLs for the site and the youtube video:


10 08 2010
Retro of The Tones

Peace, Im contacting you in an effort to release an album entitled Dreamwalk The Free EP by The Tones on your website available for free download.

album link:

BIO and Press:

The Tones

The Tones are progressive masters in the creation of soulful, honest hip hop in its most appealing form. Being compared to the likes of Blackstar, Tribe Called Quest, Slum Village, De La Soul, Little Brother and even Mobb Deep, many might wonder how such a sound can be derived from the California Bay Area.
This versatile duo consists of rapper-producer: Retro and rapper-singer: Suhn. Since the group first formed, The Tones have performed or collaborated with the likes of Common, Slum Village, Little Brother, The Roots drummer Quest Love, Hierolyphics, DoodleBug of Digable Planets and Dr. Cornell West to name a few.
The Tones debut album ‘Dreamtalk’ is about pursuing dreams and living through the struggles and pleasures encountered on the way. It also gives motivation to others in pursuit of their dreams. Mixing together a collection of laid back soul grooves and hard, vintage beats along with potent rhyme content, The Tones are sure to deliver a classic album… hence the album review.
The Tones are a breath of freedom and a testament that Hip Hop hasn’t died. It just needs a breath of fresh air; The Tones; creators of music that transcends genres beyond hip hop; or, simply put in the words of Grammy nominated artist Common, “Some real soulful brothers.”


“Some soulful brothers” – Common 

“Sounds like yall and Dilla are cousins or something…” – Mike City

”Beautiful soulful music” – Professor Cornell West


Good music… got that 94 sound.” – Doodlebug of Digable Planets 

“Dilla reincarnated” – Enitan Bereola

Album Reviews:

“The Tones… creativity, lyrical brilliance, and skillful and hypnotic production… Dreamtalk is a record that you can keep on repeat… Heads should be anxious to see how deep an impression this duo will make in the world of music. “
- Myisha Cherry, Okayplayer

“From keys to horns to strings and samples, Retro’s production is seamless…. Oozing with positivity, Dreamtalk is your self-empowering soundtrack.”
- Kimberly Turner, OhDangMag

“Combining hazy, jazzy production with limber, thought-provoking lyrics, the group is a welcome throwback to groups like Black Star and early Common… Dreamtalk is inspiring, refreshing hip-hop guaranteed to satisfy.”
- Amelia Raitt,

”Dreamtalk” is an excellently crafted album… One can confidently predict that they will find their fan base with ease, as “Dreamtalk” is an assured and promising first outing.”
- Jesal ‘Jay Soul’ Padania, 

”With soulful beats, charm and honest lyrics, ‘Dreamtalk’ is a breath of fresh air…”
- Paal, Sofa King Dilligent

“The Tones style their debut LP with über-positive verses and hard, classic beats…rich, catchy choruses and glowing MPC-fashioned production…”
- Dominic Umile, XLR8R

Websites and Social Networks:





Reverb Nation:


Plug Label:

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