Surfer Blood

1 03 2010

Finally, finally, everydaymusic is back. We’ve been gone for three weeks, and I’d like to apologize for that. The good news is I’ve been able to discover bunches of music over that time. I’ve had like 5 or 6 different artists send in submissions through e-mail, which is awesome. Remember, if you’re an artist, feel free to submit your music. Today, it’s a catchy pop-rock group from West Palm Beach. They’re called Surfer Blood, and they sound like Vampire Weekend went to the beach.

One of my roommates introduced me to Surfer Blood a few days ago. He liked them so much he went and downloaded their album off of Amazon. That’s true dedication. He then gave it to me to listen to, and I must say, I was very impressed.

Surfer Blood is an indie-pop act out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Their first album is called Astro Coast. They have nice, fat bass guitar sounds in some of their songs. That reminds me a lot of that old surf rock stuff, which works nicely with their name. Surfer Blood’s melodies, riffs, chord progressions, etc. are always really interesting, not to mention catchy, slightly reminding me of The Slip. Vocally, I can totally detect a Shins-y feel.

Floating Vibes”, “Anchorage”, and “Take it Easy” are a few good songs off of what was surprisingly a really solid album. “Take it Easy” is the one that sounds like Vampire Weekend went to the beach. Honestly, I didn’t expect much out of this group initially, but after listening to this album, I’m expecting a lot of hype over the coming months. They definitely deserve it.

Either way, download Astro Coast. It’s a brilliant album, that deserves all the praise it gets. You can find it on Amazon, if you want to buy it (the mp3 version of the album is only 5 bucks!), but you can also listen to the album in full, for free, on There’re four tracks up on the MySpace if you’re still in 2003. Whatever you do, hurry up and hop on the Surfer Blood bandwagon. It’s about to take off.


YouTube Favorites

25 08 2009

Howdy. This week there’re a few new albums being released that I’m really psyched about, but I haven’t gotten a chance to get my hands on them. The Blue Scholars are releasing OOF! and Arctic Monkeys are releasing Humbug. Look for those reviews later this week. As for today, though, it’s some of my YouTube favorites.

1) A’cappella version of Toto’s “Africa” performed live
Highlights: The beginning, with an incredible sounding thunderstorm thing
Watch the first two minutes at the very least.

2) Music video for Hall and Oates’ “Private Eyes”
Highlights: As with any Hall and Oates work, John Oates’ mustache
Daryl Hall’s killer dance moves and that green suit
Oates creepin’ around behind Hall for the entire video

3) Awesome promotional video for “Strawberry Fields Forever”
Highlights: all of it
great footage of the Beatles being the Beatles

4) Music video for Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”
Highlights: watch the pawkin metaws!
Just a classic video, probably my favorite music video of all time

5) Vampire Weekend “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance” and “Oxford Comma” Takeaway Show
Highlights: Performed live outside in a courtyard type thing
really good vocals, especially for it being live
cool how the dude in the back is using the trash bins as percussion

Well, there are some videos to hold you over. Check ’em out, favorite ’em, just listen to music.

YouTube Favorites

30 07 2009

I figured some days instead of sitting down and busting out a 1,000+ word full review of an album, I can just do something fun and mostly irrelevant. So, today I’m gonna take ten music-related YouTube videos out of my favorites and showcase them. Bam.

1) The music video for Big L’s “Put It On”
Highlights: “my guns go boom boom, and your guns go pow pow”
every outfit he wears
1:33-1:50 sick flow
Fat Joe

2) Vampire Weekend performing “Mansard Roof” in a van in Paris
Highlights: shaker close-up from 1:19-1:36
the rough “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” at the end

3) The Swing Era lives through an owl
Highlights: all 58 seconds

4) “Innercity Boundaries” by Freestyle Fellowship
Highlights: those shots where they’re like spinning in a circle with the camera at the center
the fact that most of the people are wearing sunglasses inside

5) Every Kanye West Sample ever
Highlights: definitely a ten minute video worth watching if you are at all a Kanye fan
the Steely Dan sample for “Champion”
“PYT” sample
Gil Scott-Heron sample is great, too

6) Ben Fold Presents: University A Cappella! The Documentary
Highlights: a must-watch for any fans of Ben Folds or A Cappella, or both
“Jesusland” is probably my favorite one of these, the intro is awesome

7) Richard Wright Piano Tribute
Highlights: incredible pianist does a medley of 7 Pink Floyd songs
if you like Pink Floyd at all check this out

8) Nirvana v. Rick Astley
Highlights: NirvanaRoll’d

9) “Thriller” 64-track A Cappella
Highlights: Sick video, because every track is labeled so you know what sound it is
He does all the sounds himself, so it’s pretty funny sometimes

10) “Triste” – AC Jobim (cover)
Highlights: some good old bossa nova action
this dude does great bossa work, this is my favorite of his videos

Hope you like these videos as much as I did. (Disclaimer: I haven’t slept in a long time, so that’s why this piece sucks.)

Discovery – LP

15 07 2009

Today, I’m gonna be reviewing the group Discovery’s first album LP. The album was released July 7, 2009, on vinyl, and the CD was released a week later (yesterday).

Discovery - LP 1

What makes this group so special? Well, this is a collaborative effort between Rostam Batmanglij – the keyboardist and producer for Vampire Weekend – and Wes Miles – the Ra Ra Riot frontman. At first when I heard that these two were gonna be collaborating on an album, I couldn’t wait to hear it.

And then I went to, so I could listen to the album for free… and I was shocked.

Track 1: Orange Shirt

You know, when I originally heard this track, I didn’t like it all that much, but I’ve decided it’s a pretty good opening track and a good choice for the first single. They mention Tokyo in this song, and the Osaka loop line in the next song, so I’m interested to find out if they were like in Japan or something when writing this album. Although I’m not a huge fan of the vocals, I really like all the cutting Batmanglij (I’m assuming) did. 4

Track 2: Osaka Loop Line

Honestly, the sound gets kind of old, kind of quick. And I’m pretty sure that translates to the album as a whole unfortunately. It’s super creative, don’t get me wrong. I totally appreciate what they’re doing here, but it’s just not super enjoyable to listen to.

Track 3: Can You Discover?

It’s like T-Pain if he was an indie rock artist. I mean, it’s a fun song, but it’s just over-produced to me. Maybe not such a huge use of the effects on the vocals. The point is, it’s a really synthetic sound, like all of the album. 2

Track 4: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (feat. Angel Deradoorian)

Angel Deradoorian is from the group Dirty Projectors, which Batmanglij and Miles have also worked with. Having said that, this song is another throw-away to me. I can see what they were going for, and the production is pretty phenomenal, but the synthetic bass line really gets to me. 3

Track 5: So Insane

The little “Electric Slide” shout-out is pretty cool. The tempo shift creates such a ridiculous difference. Like, it sounds like a totally different song when the tempo decreases. Sadly, 90% of the time, it sounds like shitty 80’s pop. 3

Track 6: Swing Tree

This is probably my favorite track off the album. I like the quick synth stabs a lot more than those fatter synths used in the earlier songs. The production value in this, I think, is pretty high. It’s neither overproduced, nor underproduced. It’s produced enough to sound good.4 ½

Track 7: Carby (feat. Ezra Koenig)

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig joined Batmanglij and Miles on this track, providing vocals. The surprising part is it sounds like some ridiculous Flo Rida stuff or something. Ezra tried to help. But he didn’t help too much. 3

Track 8: I Want You Back (in Discovery)

This is a cover of “I Want You Back” by The Jackson 5, and I think it’s one of the better tracks on this album. I really like the idea of covering this song, and it’s such a different interpretation of it than I’ve ever seen. It really says something about a song when, 30 years after it’s originally released, it can still be reworked in such a new way. 4

Track 9: It’s Not My Fault (It’s My Fault)

Cleverly produced, yet overly synthetic. I feel like I’m writing the same thing for every track. When you release a ten track album on which every track sounds super similar, I guess that’s what ends up happening.

Track 10: Slang Tang

The best part about this track was that it was last, meaning the album was over. Although, you could probably loop this album, and I couldn’t tell you where the end was. Another very average track. 3

Discovery - LP 2

This album is certainly catchy, but at the same time, it’s kind of annoying. One way I’d describe it is… now. This album is very “2009”-sounding, and I find the sound obnoxiously synthetic. So, that means, if you like synths, then this is money, but if you get tired of synths easily, I’d pass.

Overall: 2.5/5

Discovery - LP

Listen to:

1) Swing Tree –