Surfer Blood

1 03 2010

Finally, finally, everydaymusic is back. We’ve been gone for three weeks, and I’d like to apologize for that. The good news is I’ve been able to discover bunches of music over that time. I’ve had like 5 or 6 different artists send in submissions through e-mail, which is awesome. Remember, if you’re an artist, feel free to submit your music. Today, it’s a catchy pop-rock group from West Palm Beach. They’re called Surfer Blood, and they sound like Vampire Weekend went to the beach.

One of my roommates introduced me to Surfer Blood a few days ago. He liked them so much he went and downloaded their album off of Amazon. That’s true dedication. He then gave it to me to listen to, and I must say, I was very impressed.

Surfer Blood is an indie-pop act out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Their first album is called Astro Coast. They have nice, fat bass guitar sounds in some of their songs. That reminds me a lot of that old surf rock stuff, which works nicely with their name. Surfer Blood’s melodies, riffs, chord progressions, etc. are always really interesting, not to mention catchy, slightly reminding me of The Slip. Vocally, I can totally detect a Shins-y feel.

Floating Vibes”, “Anchorage”, and “Take it Easy” are a few good songs off of what was surprisingly a really solid album. “Take it Easy” is the one that sounds like Vampire Weekend went to the beach. Honestly, I didn’t expect much out of this group initially, but after listening to this album, I’m expecting a lot of hype over the coming months. They definitely deserve it.

Either way, download Astro Coast. It’s a brilliant album, that deserves all the praise it gets. You can find it on Amazon, if you want to buy it (the mp3 version of the album is only 5 bucks!), but you can also listen to the album in full, for free, on There’re four tracks up on the MySpace if you’re still in 2003. Whatever you do, hurry up and hop on the Surfer Blood bandwagon. It’s about to take off.


Chinese Christmas Cards

15 09 2009

This past weekend I was pleasantly surprised. I woke up, and rolled over to check my messages. Waiting for me was an e-mail from a group from Barcelona. That group is called Chinese Christmas Cards, and they’re today’s topic.

I’m not gonna lie. Non-native English speaking groups that sing in English are very cool. It’s a surprising phenomenon, and I think the various linguistic quirks involved in the translations are what make their lyrics so awesome. I mean, look at the lyrics of various groups like Phoenix, Tahiti 80, Air, The Pinker Tones, and even Chinese Christmas Cards. They often manage to say things in ways that are very understandable but, at the same time, incredibly creative. The fact that English is their second language really helps them in this sense.

Chinese Christmas Cards 1

So, I got this e-mail, and I logged onto their MySpace not expecting to hear anything too special. Little did I know, the talent that I was to be exposed to would greatly surpass anything I could’ve imagined to hear from this group. They’re practically an unknown band. Google them, and you’ll realize that. Their MySpace appears as a result, as does their profile, but the results have nothing to do with the band, for the most part… they’re all literally about Chinese Christmas cards.

I introduced them to, and they now have a profile, with a couple pictures and a blurb of a description created by yours truly. Chinese Christmas Cards is currently unsigned, but they’re looking for someone to represent them, so if you’re some big (or small) shot record exec reading this puny, little blog, contact them. Contact info is available at their MySpace.

Chinese Christmas Cards 2

Chinese Christmas Cards gave me links to free downloads of a few of their songs, and they allowed me to share a couple with you. You can download their songs “Welcome to Life” and “No Radar No Phone” for free online. “Welcome to Life” is here, and “No Radar No Phone” is here. Download them, and listen to them. They told me they don’t really have any plans to release an EP of any sort any time soon, but on they’ve listed five tracks, available to listen to in full under the name of My Cat Has Been Three Days on the Roof. “David Has” is my favorite track. Check it out.

Chinese Christmas Cards is a group that has the potential to go places. If all the tunes they put out are as catchy as what they have right now, they are definitely going to gain some positive buzz. I’ll be surprised if they have much trouble finding a record label to represent them, just because they’re so catchy and seem to be a very “now” group. All in all, I’m a huge fan of Chinese Christmas Cards, and I’d really like to see them go big. Help them.