Mike Schpitz – Love Potion Number 9th

3 03 2010

Last week or so, I found out about this dude from the midwest. His name’s Mike Schpitz, and he also goes by LoveJones. He’s a sick artist, and he’s definitely worth listening to. Free mixtape download at the bottom.

I first heard a few tracks from Mike Schpitz on the Flawless Hustle mixtape Stay Flawless. I thought he was pretty good, but I wasn’t completely sold. About a month later, I found out that he released a mixtape where he went over 9th Wonder beats, so I had to have that. It’s called Love Potion Number 9th, and it’s been one of my most played mixtapes over the past month.

“Hatin’ Again” is one of my favorite tracks off the mixtape. Stik Figa and Adullessence are featured on it, and they add a whole new dimension to the track. The beat is incredible, and that goes for every beat on this mixtape. As a matter of fact, that goes for pretty much 9th’s whole catalog.

Either way, it’s definitely worth downloading, especially since it’s free. And while you’re at it, follow Mike Schpitz on Twitter. Kudos to Refined Hype for the download.

Download it.


Yo! MKE Raps

26 01 2010

I was just strolling around the internet the other day when, BAM!, I was hit with a free mixtape. It was a weird little bit called Yo! MKE Raps. It’s a collection of artists from Milwaukee. Not a place where you’d normally look for hip hop, I know. But it’s good shit. Download link is at the bottom.

There’s lots of good stuff on this mixtape. It includes some sick production from the likes of Trellmatic, Adlib, and !llmind. I actually went and downloaded three mixtapes featuring !llmind’s production a couple hours after I found this tape. I’m a fan of his beats but not always of the artists he puts on his beats. Can’t blame him for that, though. Work is work.

The best thing about the mixtape is that I found out about a group called House of M. They’re based on the Marvel comic series, and they associate themselves with superheroes. I have nothing but good things to say about this group. “Superman Ain’t My Name” is the track on the Yo! MKE Raps tape. It’s not only solid musically, but it also includes a funny little movie trailer type skit. It’s  the funniest hip hop skit I’ve heard in the last five years, easily. I went and downloaded a mixtape from them yesterday, too, but that’s tomorrow’s article. For now, download Yo! MKE Raps.

Download it.

Sparktones – The Stranger

18 01 2010

Happy MLK Day. It’s that day of the month again. The day when I shamelessly promote my own music. My third mixtape has dropped today, and it’s free. You should get it.

This mixtape is the second in the Sparktones series, which is probably gonna have one more mixtape in the series. Maybe two, we’ll see what happens. The first one was named after Orwell’s 1984. This one is named after Albert Camus’s The Stranger, and it has 11 tracks. Ten of them contain samples, and one of them is original material, but the original track is almost a year old now.

I feel like I slacked hardcore on today’s post, but I don’t really have much else to say. I mean, it’s my work, so I’m not going to talk about the tracks. It’s not professional enough for me to have any concepts or anything. Download it. Hopefully you’ll like it. Oh, and if you want to use a beat, just let me know. I can make it as long as you want, remove whatever, add whatever, etc. My info is on the contact page.

Download it.

Sparktones – 1984

18 12 2009

Am I cheating with this post? Technically, yes, but a bit of shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone. It’s another free mixtape download on everydaymusic. That’s 4 in 5 days, mind you. Be thankful.

So, this mixtape is my December mixtape. It’s called Sparktones – 1984, and it consists of 10 hip-hop instrumentals, created by yours truly. If you want to use a track for a mixtape of your own, let me know, and we’ll get it all arranged. My contact information is on the Contact page. Makes sense, right?

Like I said, the download’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. You can visit the bandcamp site to get it. It’ll be on the latest album, but there’s a menu on the right side of the screen, and if you click on Instrumentals, you can also download the mixtape I released in November. I didn’t know about reverb or mixing or mastering or anything at the time, so sorry if the levels are off. Either way, I really appreciate any support I get. I don’t see it getting many downloads, but currently, the plan is to release a mixtape a month, consisting of at least 10 tracks. Hopefully by like September 2010 I’ll have around 100 tracks uploaded on the web. That’s it. Thanks!

Download it.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – VS. EP

16 12 2009

I’m really shitty at updating this on time. Luckily, it’s another free mixtape download, so hopefully that keeps you satisfied. It’s the long-awaited download of the VS. EP from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Hell yeah. Props to 2db for providing the linkage.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis let us hear “Otherside” a bit before the album dropped, and that’s what really got me excited about the release. As you may have assumed, the track involves a sample from the Red Hot Chili Peppers track of the same name. You can hear a version of them doing “Otherside” live on KEXP 90.3 right here. Seattle Show Gal did a little interview with them that can tell you a whole hell of a lot more about the EP than I can. Check it out.

“Irish Celebration” and “Vipassana” are two tracks I really liked off of the EP. That’s just a knee-jerk reaction, though. My favorites may very well change in the next few weeks. Either way, get the VS. EP. Support Macklemore. Support Ryan Lewis. It’s free.

Download it.

Hip Hop Collective – Get it, Got it, Good

7 12 2009

I’ve got two exams to study for, so this is gonna be quick. The upside is you get a free mixtape. Gainesville’s own Hip Hop Collective has released their Fall 2009 Mixtape. It’s called Get it, Got it, Good, and you should get it. Get it?

The mixtape is 23 tracks long, and you can get it for free by visiting the Hip Hop Collective’s bandcamp site. The album flows pretty well, and it displays many different artistic styles (spoken word, hip hop, scratching, instrumentals, etc). This album truly is “hip hop” in every sense.

hiphop” is the opening track on the album, and it was a good choice to start the album out. It’s a spoken word piece from Poets, INC. President Dianna Ferguson. “Instrumental B” was another track that caught my ear. It’s a laid-back beat put together by Santa Fe student Daniel Linton. Reminds me a lot of DJ Alibi type stuff. “Painting of a He” by DJ Robzilla is another track worth hearing on the album. Robzilla melts the wax on this track, as he seems to do on a regular basis. You can see him every Thursday night at The Laboratory. It’s called Funky Dope Thursdays. Check it out.

As far as the conventional “hip hop” tracks on this album are concerned, there were three tracks that really impressed me. “Street Poetics” by Eval “Big Eezay” Smith is a great track, with a calm, piano-driven beat, and some great samples. This track immediately got me bobbin my head. Dope stuff. “Honey” is another great track, especially because of the balance. The beat, the vocals, the verses are all equally impressive and none is particularly dominant. The track is by Dillon and it features Stacy Epps on the vocals and Paten Locke on the beat. Dillon’s album Studies in Hunger drops on Dec. 8. You can find more info on his site.

Can I Kick It? (2009)” is the final track that I’d like to talk about. I saved it for last because it’s by Shay-J, whose latest album Lost in a Vast Abyss of Hip Hop dropped this past Friday. I’ve listened to it once, and after I hear it a couple more times, I’ll be putting up a track-by-track review. If you went to the Common and Kid Cudi show this past Friday, you got to see Shay-J open for them. He’s moving toward big things, and his latest album is a sign of that. Watch for the review later in the week.

I’ve written twice as much as I thought I would about this album, so clearly it’s worth downloading. You get an entire, 23-track album for free. What’s not to love?

Download it.

Colin Munroe

16 11 2009

Slowly but surely, we’re creeping through November. Am I running out of ideas? Of course. That means that if you know of any musicians you think should be recognized, let me know. Today, everydaymusic takes a digital trip to Canada with the music of Colin Munroe. Free mixtape download included.

I first heard of Colin Munroe on Wale Radio on last.fm. He’s not a rapper, though. The “Will I Stay (Remix)” was my first exposure to Mr. Munroe, and it was quite pleasant. I highly suggest you listen to it, especially if you’re a Wale fan. You say you’re not a Wale fan? Well, lucky you. You can also experience the original version.

Hey, he's writing about me!

So, now that you’re into this dude’s music, you deserve to know a bit about him. Apparently, his rise to prominence came through his remix of Kanye’s “Flashing Lights”. “I Want Those Flashing Lights” is what Colin called his version. I gave it a listen, and it’s definitely a pretty dope track.

You can look at his MySpace for some more info. “Start a War” is currently the track I’m listening to. The music is catchy, and it’s got that whole “futuristic” vibe everyone talks about nowadays, although, to be perfectly honest, to me it sounds like we’re backtracking into the 80’s and calling it the future. Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

All right, well, I’m done blabbing. Here’s the free mixtape download you wanted. If you read what I wrote, thanks. If you just visited to snag the mixtape… well, thanks. A hit’s a hit. Peace.

Download it.