MaG – I Ain’t Goin’ Back to Retail!

1 02 2010

Yo, today I’m posting a free download from last year from MaG. If you don’t have it yet, don’t sleep, it’s good shit. Look out for MaG this year. Download at the bottom.

I found this mixtape on back in December. I gave it a few listens, but I’ve neglected talking about it for some reason. Kevin Nottingham showed MaG a lot of love in his Top 10 Free Albums of 2009. It’s called I Ain’t Goin Back to Retail!, and it’s a brilliant display of lyricism and flow.

“The Truman Show”, “Rich & Famous”, and “This Ain’t Rap” are my favorite tracks off the mixtape, though not necessarily in that order. Apparently, $5 Cover, MaG’s EP he released before Retail!, is even better, so I’m about to get on that. In the mean time, get I Ain’t Goin Back to Retail!. Shouts to HypeLG for the download link.

Download it.




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1 02 2010

This is good ish. Good post.

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