House of M

27 01 2010

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been late on the posts. It’s been a rough couple of days. Today, it’s another free mixtape, from these guys out of Milwaukee called House of M. Download link is at the bottom.

The M in House of M stands for Mutants. The name comes from the Marvel comic of the same name. If you visit their MySpace or their website, you’ll see the comic theme played up like no other. I really like that about the group. You know, the fact that they have a persona that they run with.

Don’t think that the superhero, comic personality strangles the substance out of the group. They don’t force it, it just happens. They manage to work it in naturally, while at the same time creating real music that means something.

I first heard of them on the mixtape Yo! MKE Raps. It’s a collection of Milwaukee artists, and it’s also free. Their track “Superman Ain’t My Name” was easily the best one off of the mixtape.

This mixtape is called The Origins. It’s really fucking good. “Lumpin’” was the first track that caught my ear. It was mad funny, and I’m pretty sure that was the intention. I love how one of them rhymes Oklahoma with marijuana. Brilliant stuff.

The production is pretty flawless throughout. I don’t have a favorite track, but that’s only because I couldn’t choose one. The whole album is awesome, and it’s not the same thing over and over again. Great track placement. “Back Again” is a dope track. “88” was the only one off the album I could find on YouTube. “The Initiative” was another track I found, but it’s not on this mixtape. It’s still plenty good though. Enjoy!

Download it.



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