Yo! MKE Raps

26 01 2010

I was just strolling around the internet the other day when, BAM!, I was hit with a free mixtape. It was a weird little bit called Yo! MKE Raps. It’s a collection of artists from Milwaukee. Not a place where you’d normally look for hip hop, I know. But it’s good shit. Download link is at the bottom.

There’s lots of good stuff on this mixtape. It includes some sick production from the likes of Trellmatic, Adlib, and !llmind. I actually went and downloaded three mixtapes featuring !llmind’s production a couple hours after I found this tape. I’m a fan of his beats but not always of the artists he puts on his beats. Can’t blame him for that, though. Work is work.

The best thing about the mixtape is that I found out about a group called House of M. They’re based on the Marvel comic series, and they associate themselves with superheroes. I have nothing but good things to say about this group. “Superman Ain’t My Name” is the track on the Yo! MKE Raps tape. It’s not only solid musically, but it also includes a funny little movie trailer type skit. It’s  the funniest hip hop skit I’ve heard in the last five years, easily. I went and downloaded a mixtape from them yesterday, too, but that’s tomorrow’s article. For now, download Yo! MKE Raps.

Download it.




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28 01 2010
House of M « everydaymusic

[…] first heard of them on the mixtape Yo! MKE Raps. It’s a collection of Milwaukee artists, and it’s also free. Their track “Superman […]

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