Alexipharmic – American Beauty

20 01 2010

Back in December, I was contacted by a hip-hopper from Seattle by the name of Alexipharmic. He was interested in letting me review his music. Of course, I gladly accepted his offer. The album is called American Beauty, and it’s today’s topic on everydaymusic.

So, as I said, Alexipharmic contacted me in December. I was really interested in hearing his music and reviewing him, especially because of the fact that he’s out of Seattle. For some reason, I have this strange love affair with Seattle. Any long time readers may even recall that I did a little thing I called “Seattle Week” way back when. It was 5 days of artists from Seattle, and it started on 31 August and stretched to 4 September, if you’re interested in going back and reading. And once again, I find myself off topic.

Either way, Alexipharmic mailed me a CD (for free!) and some stickers, along with a handwritten note. We communicated through a series of e-mails, and he’s a super dope guy. My only regret is not being able to talk about this album sooner, and for that, I’d like to apologize to Alexipharmic.

Like I said in the intro, the album’s called American Beauty, and it’s quite a conscious album. The first thing I noticed was how killer the album cover was. The album itself oozes intelligence and introspective lyrics peppered with political, social, and personal references. On the whole, the production is killer. I loved every beat I heard. Overall, the flow was reminiscent of Kero One’s to me, but with slightly better topics. As a matter of fact, I think Kero would be a great artist to compare Alexipharmic to. Great beats and intelligent, conscious lyrics.

American” is a great track, and it uses lots of vocal sound bites from various phone-ins and interviews that attempt to “capture the voice of America” (that’s what the album booklet says). If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the names of all the other tracks mentioned. Very crafty, Alexipharmic.

Stardust” was the next track that immediately caught my ear. From the beat to the flow to the features, the track is damn good. Grynch, Cas One, and P.O.S. are all on this track along with Alexipharmic. The ripping guitar riff is vicious yet soothing. It’s really a brilliant song.

Kings” is another song I found interesting. The third verse especially. Listen to it. “Life” is another one of those songs that you just need to listen to. Even in the album booklet, Alexipharmic pretty much mentioned it was “life as I see it” and nothing more.

Elephants” is a great ending track. Infekt is on the beat, and the song drips with emotion. Alexipharmic calls it “a testament to life, death, ancestry, the future, and the beautiful struggle that ties it all together”. Amen, brother.

You can purchase American Beauty on Amazon, iTunes, or CD Baby. Check out Alexipharmic’s MySpace page, follow him on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, what I’m trying to say is, support the dude. Hip-hop needs more intelligence like he brings. Peace.




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21 01 2010

one of the best albums of 2009 – the world needs more people like this in the music business.

21 01 2010
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22 01 2010

Great review of an amazing artist. Alexipharmic’s lyrics are genuine and thought provoking. If you don’t already own American Beauty buy it now! :)

22 01 2010

This is a fantastically honest review. Straight to the point, no bull shit. Alexipharmic seems to be an honest, hard-working, super stellar man. I can’t get enough of the track “Beauty,” beacause, really, who doesn’t love to be told they’re beautiful? And it almost sounds like he’s saying it to each of us; his sound is so genuine.
I’m proud to say I bought this album, I supported Elephant Memories, and, heck, I supported Mercy Corps too. This man is going to do great things.

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