Sparktones – The Stranger

18 01 2010

Happy MLK Day. It’s that day of the month again. The day when I shamelessly promote my own music. My third mixtape has dropped today, and it’s free. You should get it.

This mixtape is the second in the Sparktones series, which is probably gonna have one more mixtape in the series. Maybe two, we’ll see what happens. The first one was named after Orwell’s 1984. This one is named after Albert Camus’s The Stranger, and it has 11 tracks. Ten of them contain samples, and one of them is original material, but the original track is almost a year old now.

I feel like I slacked hardcore on today’s post, but I don’t really have much else to say. I mean, it’s my work, so I’m not going to talk about the tracks. It’s not professional enough for me to have any concepts or anything. Download it. Hopefully you’ll like it. Oh, and if you want to use a beat, just let me know. I can make it as long as you want, remove whatever, add whatever, etc. My info is on the contact page.

Download it.



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