An Horse

6 01 2010

My friends saw Silversun Pickups when they came through Gainesville. They raved about the show. I was more interested in the band that opened for them, and I’ll admit it was solely because of the name. They’re an Australian act called An Horse. That’s right, folks. Horse – it’s more than just an animal.

An Horse seems to be all about opening for people. In 2008, they opened for Tegan and Sara, as well as Death Cab for Cutie. Like I mentioned earlier, they opened for Silversun Pickups this year, and they’re going to continue touring with Tegan and Sara this year. It’s a Canadian tour, so all you Canadians should probably check it out.

They released their first album last year. It’s called Rearrange Beds, and it’s got a bunch of dope tracks. “Camp Out” is my personal favorite. “Rearrange Beds” is another great track, which isn’t terribly surprising, since it is the title track, after all. “Postcards” is their most popular track on, and apparently it was in some BMW commercial. “Scared as Fuck” isn’t bad either. You can do what I did, and go to their tracks page on Since they’re a cool band, they have full versions of all of their songs up to listen to. You can hear Rearrange Beds in its entirety, for free.

I’ll be honest, at first I made a big deal about this group just because they were Australian and had a cool name. Then, I actually listened to their music, and I’m glad I did. They’re a great group. Visit their official site, buy their album, do whatever you can to support them. And remember… Horse – it’s more than just an animal.



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