The Republic Tigers

31 12 2009

Alexei usually types something here. He’s a twatmuffin, though, and didn’t this time. He’ll probly remove this once he sees it, but only because he has a fragile psyche that can’t handle ridicule. Yep.

So, let me be real with you. I’ve been mad busy lately, and the blog has become more of an afterthought. I finally have a new iPod (iPhone to be exact) though, so I’ll be able to listen to and discover music everywhere I get 3G coverage. Unfortunately, that’s nowhere according to commercials, which I always believe without question (why would a reindeer lie?). Today, though, I don’t feel like doing any real work, so I probably won’t offer much more than Wikipedia would on the same subject. But this is cooler because you can’t edit incorrect information I might post; you just have to live on knowing I’m brainwashing the population. Now that my vague, shaky intro is done, let’s talk about music.

The Republic Tigers are the last band everydaymusic will profile this year. Originally a side project formed off The Golden Republic, they share a record label with Twilight star Rob Pattinson. Before you start to hate them, let me tell you that they’re from Kansas City – but the good one, not the one where creationism has been scientifically proven. They currently have only one album out, Keep Color, which dropped back in May 2008. The band has since received minimal buzz, landing a spot on David Letterman and scoring some songs on Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, and other terrible shows kept alive intravenously by copious amounts of estrogen.

Despite all their negative associations, this band kicks ass. Their song “Buildings & Mountains” has been featured as an iTunes download of the week (and also as a Banda Bears beat) and the band has toured with the likes of Nada Surf, Weezer, and Matt & Kim. Their sound is along the same lines as Radiohead, The Airborne Toxic Event, Maximo Park, and Matt Pond PA. This is a young band that I genuinely enjoy listening to, and most of you hipster bastards will dig it as well. But shit, challenge my authority and find out for yourself! Happy New Year, everybody, and check back next Thursday when I talk about Jacksonville singer-songwriter Katie Grace Helow.




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