The New Pornographers

29 12 2009

I’ve considered writing about this band every week since I started this blog. The only thing that’s kept me from doing it is the fact that I don’t think I can do them justice. This is one of my favorite bands of all time… of all time! Definitely top five. It’s the New Pornographers.

So, I was going to provide a link to a free download of a live show of theirs, but all the files were .m4a’s, and it would’ve been a bitch to deal with. Instead, I found a link to a download of an album of theirs, and while I do feel bad providing it to you, I feel like if you like the group, you’ll go out to buy their music. Karma will get you if you don’t.

I celebrate this group’s entire catalogue. I’m being completely literal when I say this. When I feel like listening to the New Pornographers, I go to my iPod, I start with the song I’m in the mood for, and then I just let it play through all of their albums.

Currently, “Jackie” is probably my favorite song by the New Pornographers. It’s off of their first album, titled Mass Romantic, which was released in 2000. That’s crazy. It’s been almost ten years since their first album. They’ve released four albums, all of which have been great.

In 2003, they released Electric Version. When I first started listening to the New Pornographers, this was definitely my favorite album. Out of the 13 tracks, something like seven of them have held the title of favorite New Pornographers song for at least a little bit. “Chump Change” is my favorite from that album right now.

Pitchfork’s favorite New Pornographers album was released in 2005. They gave it 9/10. It’s called Twin Cinema, and the title track was the first song I ever heard from this group. Every track is dope, and “Streets of Fire” is a track I’m considering sampling.

2007 brought Challengers, which was yet another fantastic album. “Entering White Cecilia” was my favorite song off that album for the longest time, but I think that “Unguided” is my current favorite. I’m considering sampling that one, too.

Either way, all their stuff is dope. Listen to as much of their music as you possibly can. It’ll impact you in a positive way. I guarantee it. The download’s of Mass Romantic, by the way. Their first album. The only way to start your New Pornographers adventure. Enjoy.

Download it.




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