Top 25 of the Decade: 5-1

28 12 2009

First things first. I boxed myself into a corner with the name everydaymusic. It means I have to update every day, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s definitely tough to keep up with. So, we decided to take a Christmas vacation last week. And now we’re back. Best Christmas present ever? I think so. Today, Curtis is bringing you the final installment of his Top 25 Tracks of the Decade. The 5 best songs of the last ten years. I told you we were back. (In case you missed ’em: 25-21, 20-16, 15-11, and 10-6.)

These are the cream of the crop, the songs you will most likely see most played over on my, the songs I listened to the most, care about the most, the songs that made me laugh, made me shed a tear, and made me shit my pants in awe. Heeeeere we go.

5. The White Stripes – Fell in Love With a Girl

See, I’m not as pretentious as I seem. I like the White Stripes as much as everyone else, maybe more because I’ve actually heard and love De Stijl even though I can’t pronounce it. But everything on White Blood Cells is just so much better, especially this doozy. I’m tempted to pair it with “Expecting” because hearing those back to back leaves me exhausted, but, of the two, how can you deny this song? I’m sick of the video and I could give a shit about it. I just like hard and fast music, and this song is one of the hardest and fastest this side of metal. How big is Meg White? She looked about 5′ in that video (that video you know, the fake one) but she can fucking pound on those drums. I don’t give a shit what the lyrics are. Play it again.

4. Ghostface Killah – Shakey Dog

It’s not even a question for me that Ghostface is the best in the game, maybe ever. While “One” was a stream-of-consciousness George Bush-and-cocaine inspired gauntlet, “Shakey Dog” is a Chicken Koop fried chicken ketchup packet Scarface-and-cocaine inspired gauntlet. Ghost can do it all. He rips through this song so aggressively and off the rails that when the song is over you’ve probably only taken a single breath trying to process what is probably the greatest crack rap story ever told through song. Big head Bruno, hitting the bathroom “butt first,” fried plantains and rice…where does he get all this shit? You and I walk into a room with our guns out and we see terrified faces, babies crying…Ghost does the same and sees the big breasts on that woman and baseball bat sized fries. Okay.

3. Madvillain (MF DOOM and Madlib) – Accordion

“Slip like Freudian the first and last step to playing yourself like an accordion.” The crowd golf claps. All throughout the album, which may be the best of the decade., we get this shit, but none better than “Accordion.” The Daedelus copped Madlib beat may be the best of his career, but with DOOM it’s just a day at work which is like winning a gold medal for the rest of us. Where does he get this shit? I sit on the couch all day trying to come up with shit like this and it just pops in his head (seemingly) all the time. “Just keep your eye out like eye eye captain”…”giving yall nuthin but the lick like two broads”…”and get more cheese than doritos cheetos or fritos.” I’m never rapping again. The universe is going to curve in on itself when the StarksDOOM album comes out.

2. The Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)

Listen, I’m not big fan of that Muse/U2/Queen uplifting stadium rock shit either, but come on. Okay okay, just wait, before you read on, YouTube search this song, see them play it in concert. See that girl in the front row with the single tear like she’s 50 after taking out a homie? This song changes everything. I soon as I heard this, I knew the system would win in the end, that Bush would win, but I still had hope. I knew the youth would rise up and rebel. And while Obama’s now taking us like the Polish facing the Nazis into Afghanistan, at least there was a song that told me I would have my moment, we would have our moment, no matter how short.

1. Animal Collective – Winter’s Love

So, #1. Considering I think Animal Collective is pretty much the best BAND of the decade (DOOM, Ghost, and Dilla are still better), there’s no question that they would have a song high up. To be honest, the only thing I did know about this list is that this song would be #1 for me and I moved from there. Looking at some of my favorite songs, they all have the same quality in that they move me in some way that only the best music does. I don’t give a shit about technical skill or good singing, I just want a song that moves me. That’s what music is supposed to do. But by the same token, with songs like this it’s hard to pinpoint what’s so great about it. It’s not the singing, it’s not the bare bones instrumentals, it’s simply the way that it sounds like they’re putting their heart and soul into this shit. They’ve never stopped doing that, and that’s why they’re one of the best. “Winter’s Love” is everything great about this side of music.




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29 12 2009

“I don’t give a shit about technical skill or good singing, I just want a song that moves me. That’s what music is supposed to do.”

Perfectly said.

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