Chris’s YouTube Favorites

17 12 2009

Today Chris busts out his YouTube favorites. YouTube favorites: The product of laziness. Enjoy.

Yo, so, I really don’t feel like writing right now. I know I only have to do this once a week, but whatever, I have poor time-management skills. So instead of doing real work, I’m gonna spend 15 minutes or so watching YouTube videos of dank bands, and then I’m gonna post them here. Let’s be realistic – you didn’t really wanna read anyway.

fun. – “All The Pretty Girls

The New Pornographers – “Challengers(Editor’s note: The video for “Challengers” was taken down by YouTube, so the link’s just to the song.)

Jupiter Sunrise – “Kaye

Guster – “Satellite

Badly Drawn Boy – “Year of the Rat

Ok, well, that’s just what I came up with for today. Special props to Guster for the length of their video. Anyway, I’m sure sometime soon I’ll get lazy again and find 5 more I like. You’ll like them too.




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