Stik Figa

14 12 2009

Recently, I’ve been bad at updating this on time. My last exam is tonight, so hopefully I’ll be able to be a little more on top of things soon. Having said that, today’s article is about Stik Figa. There’s a link to a free mixtape at the end, so at the very least, get that.

I found out about Stik Figa through a MelloMusicGroup tweet. I’ve gotta confess, I clicked his name because it reminded me of You can visit Stik Figa’s official blog. Look around, there might be some good stuff. It’s where I found the mixtape.

The mixtape’s called Hello, Goodbye, and it’s produced by D/Will. It’s all out of Kansas City, Missouri, which isn’t the first place I’d think to look for hip-hop, but these dudes are holding it down. The production is super clean, and the flow is smooth. The overall feel of the album is pretty somber, dealing with suicide and whatnot, but it’s done very tactfully.

“Happy” and “Goodbye–Credits” are probably my favorite tracks. I especially love the beats on these tracks. “Goodbye–Credits” is almost eight minutes long, and it includes three different beats. The best beat of the entire album is the last one on this track. It plays the album out, with no words over it or anything. A perfect ending to a great mixtape.

Also, “Starched Dickies” has a video that you can watch. It’s pretty dope. I also found this video of D/Will and Stik Figa live. Watch it.

You should definitely download the mixtape, especially considering it’s free. Stik Figa and D/Will deliver. It’s called Hello, Goodbye, and you can get it for free right here.

Download it.




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29 01 2010
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[…] first heard of D/Will when he worked with Stik Figa on Hello, Goodbye. That’s a phenomenal mixtape, too. You should get it. But that’s not what this post is […]

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