The Mercury Program

11 12 2009

When Eu linked me to Antarctic the other day, I found out about another band called The Mercury Program. They’re from Gainesville. And they’re plenty dope.

I’m not gonna lie to you, my 3 readers. Every song is good. They have a formula, seems like they’ve been using it, and it works. They’ve been around since 1997. “You Give Me Problems About My Business” is a dope track, and it’s the most played on their MySpace. “A Crusading Theme” is another one you can listen to. Both of those tracks are off of 2003’s EP Confines of Heat.

The Mercury Program released their latest album this past November. It’s called Chez Viking, and as soon as I scrape up enough money, I’m planning to make a purchase. They‘re a very consistent group, and I’m glad they’ve recently released stuff. I’m probably going to sample a few of their tracks; they seem like a very sample-worthy group.

You can buy Chez Viking from The Mercury Program’s official site. The album’s $12, and not only do they play great music, they’re out of Gainesville. It’s a group you should definitely support. Listen to them, and if you’ve got the money, buy their album.




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