Our Lady Peace – Exclusive Concert Coverage (Freebird Live 12/04/09)

10 12 2009

About a month ago, I bought tickets to see Our Lady Peace. I was psyched. I was then informed there was a decent chance of getting to hang out with Common and Cudi after their show, which happened to be on the same day. I chose Common and sent the everydaymusic army (Chris) out in full force to see Our Lady Peace.

This past Friday, I saw Our Lady Peace live in concert. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a Canadian rock band that debuted 15 years ago. Since then they’ve sold over 5 million albums, won a slew of Juno and MuchMusic Awards, and even ranked on my Arbitrary Top 10. In fact, it was their Live album that earned the honor, which is why I’ve wanted to see them live for over 7 years now.

I was supposed to go with Alexei, but he bailed to smoke pot with Kid Cudi. What actually happened was he got rained on for three hours, and I witnessed a sensational musical performance that rivaled any I’ve seen. (Thanks for the ticket, ReefLex!)

It took place at Freebird Live in Jacksonville Beach, which is a step down from the sold out arenas the band is used to playing. The venue was packed both upstairs and down; Peach and I barely had space to stand. We arrived at 11 to a show that started at 8, but within five minutes the headliners came on. “Perfect timing,” I thought, as a random drunk splashed beer on me. That’s how most of my nights end, not start.

They had a tiny stage to work with, so there wasn’t a lot of jumping around. I’m sure after a decade and a half of touring I wouldn’t be so keen on it either. But between the lightshow setup behind them and the pure experience of the band, you couldn’t tell Freebird from Madison Square Garden. Especially if you’d been drinking.

They started fast and hard, without saying a word, like real men always do. I regret not bringing a camera, but the memory card is full and I don’t have a cable to upload the pictures, so I didn’t bother with it. Halfway through the show I realized I could have bought a camera from the Walgreens across the street, but fuckit, not that many people read this blog anyway. I did, however, write down a full set list (one of the very few artists whose entire catalog I know by name) plus a few notes, and am kind enough to share it with you:

Burn Burn

Superman’s Dead



Paper Moon

Escape Artist

Is Anybody Home?” – The entire first chorus was sung solely by the crowd, which was amazing to watch and be a part of. Raine responded with “You guys are awesome”, which I already knew but it was probably nice for the other people.

Somewhere Out There

At this point, Raine started talking about Tiger Woods. He told us that at the previous show, they dedicated a song to him in his defense, but that they’d changed their mind since. “Fuck that, the guy’s got everything in the world and he still cheats… so this next song is dedicated to those who still have morals and values.”

Bring Back The Sun

One Man Army


Automatic Flowers

All You Did Was Save My Life

After this song, the band left the stage. They made it look realistic, too – threw their picks into the audience (all of them, and there were a lot positioned up and down the mic stands), did the same with the drumsticks, thanked the audience, and just left. Of course, nobody was fooled, and we all chanted something like “OLP” or “Encore” or maybe we just yelled a lot. Anyway, it worked (like they would even end their set on such a throwaway song), and the band reassumed battle positions. OLP then informed us they had been in Orlando the night before, and that it was a pretty epic crowd, but that we kicked their asses. I’m sure the next night they said the same thing about us, but whatever. It’s how the pros roll. They then finished out the set with…

4 AM

The End Is Where We Begin


No two ways about it, the 16 song performance was epic. They played like seasoned veterans, and worked the crowd exceptionally well. I feel like there’s no point on elaborating; it was exactly as amazing as expected. The claustrophobic setting didn’t deter them a beat, and they played with the same passion as they do on the big stage. The only song I really wanted to hear but didn’t was “Life“, but the band just announced this week that they’d be touring Canada in 2010. They plan on performing all of Clumsy one night, and Spiritual Machines in its entirety the night after. They’re doing this for a dozen cities. That’s dedication. So, maybe I’ll make it up there for those. Oh yeah, and Our Lady Peace’s next album has also been rumored to drop in 2010. Big year. I have so much respect for this band, and it’s increasing exponentially. But, Kid Cudi’s good too, LOLOLOL.




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