9 12 2009

I’ve been slackin on these posts, and I’ll continue to blame exam week. Good news is I’ve had a bunch of new music to help me through it. I’ve had Shay-J’s new album lined up for a few days now, but I keep moving it back. I’d like to do a track-by-track review, and I feel like I’ll do a more complete job if I wait until after my last exam. Today, it’s a new mixtape from Mandeep Sethi.

I met Mandeep Sethi when he came to UF to play for the Asian Student Organization or something like that. A couple of Hip Hop Collective members got to chill with him, and he gave me his first mixtape for free. It’s called Paleofuture, and you can download it off bandcamp.

Recently, he’s released a new mixtape called SET & RA. He’s on this album with MC Sahku and Povan Beats. There’s a lot of Indian influence in the beats. It sounded like most, if not all, of the samples were from Indian films or various Indian songs.

Lyrically, most of the tracks are on the socially conscious tip. “Well.Water” is a great example of the social consciousness. The health care thing, the welfare thing, the working for the state thing, all dope bits. “Breakin Ya Tongue” is probably one of my favorite tracks. The city hall bit reminds me a bit of dead prez’s track “Hip Hop” (start of the second verse).

All in all, the wordplay is there, the subject matter is there, and the production value is there. The best part is that it’s free. That’s 24 tracks, for free. Can’t beat that. You can get it at the SET & RA bandcamp page. Visit it, get a free mixtape, and listen to it.



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