8 12 2009

There’s a group from St. Augustine called Antarctic, and they’re pretty cool (pun completely intended). They do dope instrumental stuff, and you’ve gotta hear it. If you’re not a fan of everydaymusic on facebook yet, you should get on that.

The other day on facebook I saw that Eu Jacksonville became a fan of some band called Antarctic. Since I had nothing better to do, I decided to investigate. My ears were satisfied with what I found. Antarctic is apparently a group out of St. Augustine, Florida, and they play instrumental rock. They kind of remind me of a cross between The Slip and Explosions in the Sky, except with a bit of a harder side. The guys are incredibly talented, and the music, at least from what I’ve heard, does a good job of spreading through the incredibly vast “instrumental rock” genre. It can be hard and heavy one second, and transition seamlessly into a smooth and quick sound.

The MySpace has three songs up. “Bergen” is my favorite. It’s a good example of what I was talking about above, with the whole seamless transition thing. I haven’t been able to find much of their music other than what’s on their MySpace. I found a video of them playing live. I think “Pasea La Salamandria” is the song they’re playing in the video. The fact that it’s pretty good isn’t terribly surprising. Instrumental music tends to be more enjoyable live on the whole in my opinion.

Antarctic is signed to Hello Sir Records. You can visit their site to purchase Antarctic’s self-titled debut album. On their MySpace, it says Antarctic is supposed to be having an album release show on the 26th of December with Fin Fang Foom. It says 8:00 PM, but the venue isn’t up yet. If you’re interested in attending, keep checking back to their MySpace. Antarctic is definitely a band worth keeping up with. I’m interested to see what happens with them. It’s always nice to see some good music coming out of Duval. Keep up the good work, boys.



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11 12 2009
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