Common and Kid Cudi (And Shay-J!)

4 12 2009

I originally planned on going to go see Our Lady Peace today, but I’ve decided to go see Common and Kid Cudi for free at UF instead. All in all, it’s a great day for concerts. The one I’m most excited about, though, is Shay-J.

Common and Kid Cudi are going on tonight at 7 PM, for free, at Flavet Field at UF. It’s bound to be a dope show, and hopefully I’ll get to go backstage or something with the Hip Hop Collective. Maybe I’ll even get to snap a picture or two. We’ll see.

Before the show, at 6:30, you’ll get to see local artist and Hip Hop Collective member Shay-J open up for Common and Cudi. Shay-J’s new album Lost in a Vast Abyss of Hip Hop drops today, and I should be getting a copy of it soon. There should be a track-by-track review up sometime next week. I’m aiming for Monday, but I have two exams that day, so there’s a chance it could get pushed back.

If you’re not already, you should join the Shay-J Fan Club on Facebook. You should also look into becoming a fan of everydaymusic. Either way, come out tonight to Flavet Field at 6:30 to check out Shay-J and stay to see Common and Cudi, all for free.




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