The Sound Providers

2 12 2009

Usually I try to post around 1:00 AM of the day that I’m writing for, but I’ve decided to change that. I think the posts will now be coming the day of. Try to appeal to different demographic, you know? Seems like I’ve got the 2:00AM Facebook lurkers on lock. Today, the Sound Providers invade your ears.

The Sound Providers were started in 1998, and their latest release came in 2006. I believe they’ve been kind of dormant in the past few years, but I haven’t really bothered looking into it. Half the duo (Jason Skills) moved to Florida, and I’m assuming Soulo is still in San Diego, so it would make sense that their music production has slowed down. Either way, they made enough classics for me to go back to over and over again and still be impressed.

Autumns Evening Breeze” is the first track you’ll want to check out. This is the most popular track according to their MySpace and pages. It’s the first one I heard, and it managed to get me hooked. Hopefully it’ll do the same to you. “Jazz at the Cove” and “Pacific Vibrations” are two more tracks I really liked a lot. The beats stay fresh, and they use some killer samples. “Night Steps” is a great track to freestyle over, with a dope little bass line.

You can purchase a digital download of their 2004 release An Evening with The Sound Providers, on Amazon for only $8.99. That’s a 21-track album, for like 9 bucks. They’re a group that you deserve to listen to. Super relaxing stuff. You know you love it.




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