Explosions in the Sky

1 12 2009

Happy December to everyone. Pretty hard to believe the year’s almost over. I feel like I’ve been slacking on the posts, and I kind of apologize to everyone, but I also kind of don’t care. Today’s column is all about Texas group Explosions in the Sky.

A couple of friends on mine first told me about Explosions in the Sky a few months ago, probably around August or so. I gave them a listen and decided they were worthy of attention. They’re an instrumental rock group that composes very structurally sound songs. They apparently only use drums and three guitars, but the sound is incredibly full. It’s great to have as background music to anything you’re doing. That’s mostly how I’d classify this group.

You can visit their MySpace or their official site for more information on the group. I don’t really have a favorite song by them, but that’s only because the group is so consistent. “Day Five” is probably what I’d choose if I had to choose one. “A Song For Our Fathers” is also good. You can visit their online shop if you’re interested in purchasing anything from this group. They’re well-worth supporting.




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8 12 2009
Antarctic « everydaymusic

[…] Florida, and they play instrumental rock. They kind of remind me of a cross between The Slip and Explosions in the Sky, except with a bit of a harder side. The guys are incredibly talented, and the music, at least from […]

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