Black Friday Playlist

27 11 2009

We’re here. We’ve finally reached the century mark. That’s right; everydaymusic is now 100 posts old. I figured I’d have fun with the 100th post, nothing too serious. It also happens to be Black Friday, so I decided to present you with a Black Friday Black Playlist.

OMG, it's everydaymusic!



The process for coming up with this playlist was a pretty simple one. I typed “black” into my iTunes search bar, and I took my favorite songs with the word “black” in the title. It resulted in an 11-song long playlist, with artists from M1 to Miles Davis to The Doobie Brothers.

1)The Black Hawk War” – Sufjan Stevens
2)Black Market” – Blitz the Ambassador
3)Little Black Backpack” – Stroke 9
4)Blackout” – Alex Skolnick Trio
5) “Red, Black & Green” – Dead Prez
6) “Black Day” – M1
7)Bye Bye Blackbird” – Miles Davis (Oscar Peterson’s version was the runner-up)
8)Black Water” – The Doobie Brothers
9)Black Wave” – The Shins
10)Black Maybe” – Common
11)Black Magic Woman” – Santana (had to include it)

I decided not to include “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones, solely because it is my least favorite Stones song. And don’t get it twisted. I have 25 Rolling Stones albums. “Paint it Black” sucks.

I’m sure there’re great “black” songs I missed, and if I missed your favorite, I do apologize. Happy shopping on this Black Friday. Oh, sweet consumerism.




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