The Dodos

26 11 2009

Although I’m not a fan of the country, turkey of the bird variety is very dope. Complete with gobbler and all, it seems like a great mascot, and a perfect name for a band. Plus it makes a great lunch meat. Not to be outdone, Chris has found a better bird. Today he gives you, The Dodos.

Before there was Facebook, Myspace, or Adult FriendFinder, there was AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). A few of us have stayed true to AIM – I even have it on my phone. Actually, that’s the only reason I still use it. It’s the only cool thing Sidekicks do, other than turn off and on in the middle of phone calls. Anyway, some random IMed me about ten days ago, mistaking me for a friend with a similar screenname. But the whole not knowing each other thing didn’t stop us from talking, and I discovered she’s legitimately cool (apart from living in New England), graduated my year, and – oh yeah – she knows her music.

You can thank her for telling me about tonight’s artist, but I’d prefer you thank me, because I have self esteem issues and need to know I matter. Point is, it’s The Dodos, and if the rest of the species had followed their model, they wouldn’t be extinct right now.

They’re out of San Francisco (Stroke 9’s native city) and have been making music for about four years now. The band was formed when Meric Long the singer met Logan Kroeber the percussionist and one of them decided “Dodo Bird” was a great moniker. After self-releasing their debut full-length, Beware of the Maniacs, in 2006, they toured incessantly, and their growing fan base began referring to them simply as “The Dodos”. I consider this proof that indie kids love conformity. They later released Visiter in 2007 and Time to Die this past July. I’ve only listened to the first two, and only a few times through, but the band has left a clear impression on me. My job now is to press a piece of magic tape onto it, blow fingerprint dust on it, and hand it to you to do whatever the hell you want with it. If that doesn’t make sense, I either applaud you for not watching CSI, or I just think you’re an idiot.

It’s Thanksgiving, though, so I shouldn’t be so snippy. I also shouldn’t be so wordy, so I’ll make this quick so that we can all go back to enjoying the food our relatives made. Some tracks remind me heavily of Devendra Banhart and Elliott Smith type folk, while others have a weight to them reminiscent of The Killers or, in the case of “Winter”, The Magnetic Fields – they do a terrific job of borrowing from a lot of bands in their genre while simultaneously creating their own very unique sound. I guess that’s the point.

The two releases I’ve obtained are composed of tons of good songs, but I’ll give yo the obvious standouts to decide if they’re for you or not. From Beware of the Maniacs I recommend “Trades & Tariffs“, “Neighbors”, and “Horny Hippies“. My picks for Visiter include “Walking“, “Red and Purple“, “Fools“, and “Paint the Rust“.

As for the third album, I’ll probably toss a review at you in the near future. I honestly enjoy this band and expect to see and hear from them a lot. They seem to be getting good buzz already, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon. Haha, get it, BANDwagon??? (Editor’s note: everydaymusic is not liable for any damage caused by puns gone awry.)

F’realzies though, everydaymusic is thankful for those of you who do read, and hope you continue doing so – I know the paltry puns make it difficult. We’re thankful for a lot of other things, too, but I need to save some material for next Thanksgiving. Apparently it’s on Thursday EVERY year.

Happy Danksgiving, y’all.




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