Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

25 11 2009

I could say something about Thanksgiving, or I could just write about the music. I’ll choose the latter. Today, it’s all about the upcoming VS. EP from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

I’ve talked about Macklemore before, and I’ve talked about Ryan Lewis, too. So, it’s only fitting that I’d cover a collaboration between the two. It’s called VS., and it drops this Friday (Nov. 27). It’s available by donation. That’s all I know. Not really sure where you’ll be donating, or how much, but if you keep up with either Macklemore‘s or Ryan Lewis‘s respective MySpace pages, I’m sure you’ll find out.

They’ve released a track from the album. “Otherside” is what it’s called, and it uses a sample from the song of the same name by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It talks about the topic of cough syrup abuse, and it’s done really intelligently, as most of the Seattle stuff is. There are also some awesome news interview samples throughout. Well worth a listen.

Look for VS. on Friday, it’s definitely going to be a great release. As for the artists solo projects, you should visit Macklemore’s official blog and purchase The Unplanned Mixtape. For only five bucks, it’s a steal. Ryan Lewis has a project with Rhode Island rapper Symmetry. Symmetry and Ryan Lewis recently released a self-titled LP, which you can purchase from just about any digital source. I had the iTunes link handy. Both Ryan Lewis and Macklemore are definitely worth following. Everything they release is consistent, quality work. And that’s what we’re all about here at everydaymusic. Quality.



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