23 11 2009

So, I was in Phoenix this past weekend. Let me tell you what, they have huge cacti. So dope. Today, I’m going to talk about a Miami jazz/hip-hop group called ArtOfficial. They’re pretty Rootsy, so if that’s your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy them.

I first heard ArtOfficial on I was immediately drawn in by their sound, a mixture of intelligent lyricisms, smooth brass, and live instrumentation. I was pretty psyched when I discovered that they actually had instrumentalists in the group, meaning the horns weren’t just samples. Listen to them, and you’ll see just how amazing that is. Luckily, I was able to catch them live in Jacksonville over the summer, and they did not disappoint.

Big City Bright Lights” is the first track I heard from ArtOfficial, and it seems to be their most popular. It’s definitely a catchy tune, with some awesome horn work toward the end. “Eyes of a Stranger” is a pretty introspective song, and it’s definitely another good one. “Gone” is also a really dope track. It’s probably my favorite from them. “You a terrorist, a patriot, and what’s the difference? / political affiliation, or your religion? / Are you following your instinct or television?” Wow. Bravo, ArtOfficial. Bravo. And that’s only three lines. The rest is just as powerful.

ArtOfficial tours pretty frequently, and for all you Floridians, they seem to mostly stay in Florida. They’ve got four shows lined up in the next few months. Orlando is as far north as they come, but it’s definitely a drive worth making. Visit their website, and help them out by purchasing a CD. Groups as good as these guys are always worth supporting.




2 responses

3 01 2010

Eyes of a stranger. The best instrumental I’ve ever heard in my life. They deserve to be recognized. Nice music.

3 01 2010

totally agree, man

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