Chris’s Arbitrary Top 10: 5-1

20 11 2009



Tonight I conclude my two day reign of everydamusic with #5-1 of my Arbitrary Top Ten. I accidentally posted #5 yesterday, but I’ve since corrected the mistake because I’d hate to look foolish on the internet. Anyway, rather than waste both our time with a wordy intro, I’ll get to business.

5. The Shins – Chutes Too Narrow (2003)

Though there’s not really a song by The Shins I don’t like, and all three albums have unforgettable gems, Chutes Too Narrow sits on top… like The Knees of their efforts, really. Everyone knows and loves this band; it’s the hipster way to be.
Check out:
“A Call To Apathy”
“Pink Bullets”
“Young Pilgrims”

4. The New Pornographers – Electric Version (2003)

Though all of The New Pornographers’ albums are 5/5’s in my mind, this is the first one I listened to and has remained my favorite since. This is their second effort, and is full of weird baroque pop that often sounds, as the name suggests, electric. Other things to know: They’re mostly Canadian, and the title track “The Electric Version” narrowly made the cut for the game Rock Band.
Check out:
“From Blown Speakers”
“The Laws Have Changed”
“July Jones”
“Miss Teen Wordpower”
“All For Swinging You Around”

3. Jupiter Sunrise – Under A Killer Blue Sky (2004)

I first saw this band at Warped Tour 2005 (at the MySpace tent, how cool am I?), catching the last song of the set. I don’t really remember it all that well, but I liked the next act that went on (The Hanks) a lot and decided to purchase that album. Turns out, they were offering a deal if you bought both bands’s albums, so I did. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made, hands down. Alexei has reviewed this album before, so you can take his word for it. It’s epic. Also tied with Let Go for least-known band.
Check out:
“Arthur Nix”
“Josie’s House”
“Master Suzuki”
“Super X-Ray Vision”
“Heaven and Endless”

2. The Format – Dog Problems (2006)

This album is all types of awesome. I love everything Nate Reuss does. Unfortunately, the band broke up before releasing another studio album, though they did release an album of B-sides and rarities – and even that’s excellent. Nate has a new project, fun., that I’ve mentioned before; I suggest you check them out. If you like one, you’ll like the other.
Check out:
“She Doesn’t Get It”
“Dog Problems”
“Dead End”
“Inches and Falling”

1. Stroke 9 – Nasty Little Thoughts (1999)

Remember that song “Little Black Backpack”? Yeah, most people don’t. Anyway, my cousin is the drummer of a one-hit wonder band from San Francisco. It’s Stroke 9, and I’ve been listening to them for a long time, as you can imagine. This album was the starting point of my musical puberty (not to be confused with Puberty the Musical), and will never leave my top ten. Ever. Since 9th grade, my AIM screenname has been tailofthesun71; it’s stolen from the fourth track in. They’re kind of far out and indie now, but this album is pure late 90’s rock. Killer drums, too.
Check out:
“City Life”
“Tail of the Sun”
“Washin’ & Wonderin'”
“One Time”
“Little Black Backpack'”

I also promised another bonus CD. The problem is, it’s a mix CD named “Senor Cena” that has a turkey drawn on it. Alexei burned it for me about this time three years ago, and I had planned on getting it out from my car and giving the track list. However, between that time and now, somebody went through my car and stole all my change (oh no) and my CD case. I didn’t have anything of actual value in there, but there were a lot of sentimental mixes, this being one of them. Oh well, shit happens, lock your doors. Here’s some key tracks though:

Paul Simon – “Mother and Child Reunion”, “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard”
The Kinks – “Picture Book”, “Celluloid Heroes”, “Everybody’s A Star (Starmaker)”
The Verve Pipe – “The Freshman”
Eric Clapton – “Hello Old Friend”

And likely a bunch of others I can’t remember. There were about 22 tracks in all, and it had a lot of influence on my musical taste. Anyway, that’s it, nothing too crazy. Hope you enjoyed the feature, you can’t go wrong with any song here.



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