Colin Munroe

16 11 2009

Slowly but surely, we’re creeping through November. Am I running out of ideas? Of course. That means that if you know of any musicians you think should be recognized, let me know. Today, everydaymusic takes a digital trip to Canada with the music of Colin Munroe. Free mixtape download included.

I first heard of Colin Munroe on Wale Radio on He’s not a rapper, though. The “Will I Stay (Remix)” was my first exposure to Mr. Munroe, and it was quite pleasant. I highly suggest you listen to it, especially if you’re a Wale fan. You say you’re not a Wale fan? Well, lucky you. You can also experience the original version.

Hey, he's writing about me!

So, now that you’re into this dude’s music, you deserve to know a bit about him. Apparently, his rise to prominence came through his remix of Kanye’s “Flashing Lights”. “I Want Those Flashing Lights” is what Colin called his version. I gave it a listen, and it’s definitely a pretty dope track.

You can look at his MySpace for some more info. “Start a War” is currently the track I’m listening to. The music is catchy, and it’s got that whole “futuristic” vibe everyone talks about nowadays, although, to be perfectly honest, to me it sounds like we’re backtracking into the 80’s and calling it the future. Whatever makes you happy, I guess.

All right, well, I’m done blabbing. Here’s the free mixtape download you wanted. If you read what I wrote, thanks. If you just visited to snag the mixtape… well, thanks. A hit’s a hit. Peace.

Download it.




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