12 11 2009

Let’s be totally honest with each other. I wasn’t planning on writing this. You weren’t planning on reading this. Then I found a dope and free Sufjan Stevens remix tape from Montreal’s own producer Tor. And everyone rejoiced.


It’s true, I wasn’t gonna write anything. I was planning on making some sort of bullshit veteran’s day excuse or something. It wasn’t going to be believable. Luckily, Ryan Lewis put the Sufjan remix thing up on the Twitter and singlehandedly saved tonight’s column. So, if you download it, thank Ryan Lewis. Better yet, go buy his latest album with Symmetry, which has dropped. Listen to it on his MySpace.

But, let’s get down to business. This column’s not about Ryan Lewis or Symmetry or Twitter. It’s about dank, free music. The remix is called Illinoize, and it’s seven tracks long. You can download it for free, right here. It’s quite a listen. The beats are dope, and the acapellas fit perfectly. Every artist featured is great, but I won’t spoil it for you. Check everything out for yourself. And while you’re at it, hit up Tor’s MySpace.

Download it.



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