Port Blue

10 11 2009

You know Owl City. You love Owl City. I hate Owl City. But Adam Young is a musical genius. And Port Blue is a great example of that. It’s his other project, and in my opinion, his better project.

Recently, a friend of mine hooked me up with Port Blue’s The Albatross EP and five other unreleased tracks. I was pretty excited to listen to all this stuff, seeing as I loved the first Port Blue release I heard. It’s called The Airship, and you should listen to it. It’s ambient music, the kind of stuff you’d hear in airports and hotel lobbies. Young mentions that on the Port Blue MySpace, which has been untouched since February of this year. That’s a shame.

Port Blue 1

Either way, I listened to the Port Blue stuff I recently acquired, and it’s not that I was disappointed, but it just wasn’t as good as I expected. Young still demonstrates his musicianship quite amply, but it feels like there’s something missing. It felt like it was ever so slowly drifting into an Owl City direction.

One of the slight slip-ups of the album may have been the lack of vocal samples. The Airship used a good number of vocal samples, and I really liked that about the album. It added a whole new dimension to it, helping it tell more of a story. I feel like those vocal samples, though, are something you either love or hate. So, if you didn’t like the vocal samples, The Albatross EP and the unreleased tracks will be a treat for you. If you’re a lover of the speaking parts, like I am, you may be slightly disappointed.

Seeing how Adam doesn’t really seem to be interested in Port Blue anymore, I’ll try to spread the music, just so everyone can see the dude’s more than just Owl City. He’s a musician.

Download The Airship.

Download The Albatross EP.




4 responses

17 11 2009
Aaron Simmons

What unreleased tracks do you have?

I have his album Arctic, and the songs:
Setting Sail
In The Yacht
I Am The Aeronaut
The Skybridge

Do you have all these, too?

17 11 2009

I have the first four, but instead of “The Skybridge” I have a track called “Frigid Airport Lounge”.

Not sure how accurate the names I have are, though.

Found them here: http://www.last.fm/music/Port+Blue/Unreleased

23 11 2009
Aaron Simmons

Frigid Airport Lounge is on his album The Arctic.

I forgot to mention two other songs: June Bug and Pond Skater. The Skybridge was on his Virb account, but it has been deleted.

29 06 2010

Hey is there anyone you guys could upload the Artic songs onto grooveshark? :) I listen to music on there all the time, and I usually listen to Port Blue whenever I am writing! Its a great mood setter.. ;) Anyways, super excited to find out there is MORE to Port Blue – actually discovered them, and then found out it was connected to Adam Young. Haha it was “yeah, that totally makes sense!” moment. :) so yeah, if someone could upload them to grooveshark… that would make me uberly happy.

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