DJ Alibi

9 11 2009

So, I’ve been on the instrumental kick recently, listening to lots of different producers and lots of different hip-hop instrumentals and what not. Today, I’m talking about DJ Alibi, who now goes by The Hands of Stone.

I found out about DJ Alibi through There were multiple times where I heard fresh beats and found that they were by Alibi. I then decided to look up some more info about him and found out he was born in Russia. It was at that point that I decided his beats must featured.

DJ Alibi 1

I messaged Alibi on facebook, and he told me that right now he’s working on a project called The Hands of Stone. You can navigate that site by clicking on the different releases on the right hand side of the page. Each song usually features the instrumental along with it. It doesn’t seem like there’s too much stuff out there by The Hands of Stone, though so this post is gonna focus on DJ Alibi’s beats.

As DJ Alibi, he has gotten love from the Indiefeed community, with “Let’s Ride” for example, which featured Insight.You can check out DJ Alibi’s MySpace page to experience some of his beats. They’re definitely dope. The “Round and Round” beat is fresh, and it’s pretty sweet that Giant Panda is on it. “One Day” and “When The Lights Get Low” are the first two instrumental tracks I heard from him, and those are the ones that really made me decided to write this. Both are mad fun to freestyle over. The production value is off the chain.

DJ Alibi 2

Like I said, he’s more focused on The Hands of Stone stuff now, I think, and it’s equally as good from what I’ve heard of it. I just haven’t heard as much since I can’t find it anywhere. For now, look into buying DJ Alibi’s album One Day, which you can get at used from Amazon for like five dollars total. Totally worth it. Be it DJ Alibi or Hands of Stone, either way, he’s holdin it down in Toronto. Check him out.




One response

27 08 2010

Hey, i was so surprised! :)

I know this guy, we studied in the same school near Moscow.
He was the first person who show me The Beatles! I remember than. I haven’t seen him for a15 years since he gone to Canada.


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