Sufjan Stevens – The BQE

4 11 2009

Wale’s album Attention Deficit finally dropped. I’ve listened through it a couple times, and I think it warrants a full track-by-track review. So, I’m thinking about doing that for Friday. We’ll see. Today, though, it’s some Sufjan Stevens you may not have heard yet. The BQE.

I think that Sufjan is probably one of the most creative musical minds of our time. His album Illinois is definitely one of the top five albums of all time. Every song on it captivates me, and if I was to do a track-by-track of it, no track would score less than a four and half. It’s that good. Really.

Sufjan Stevens - The BQE 1

That’s why I was psyched when my friend told me about some newer Sufjan material that’d been released. The project is called The BQE, and it’s pretty much a musical study of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. How much inspiration can you draw from a road? Your garden variety commuter might not get a whole lot from it, but Sufjan completely transforms it into a work of beauty. You can listen to and download an interview with him from WNYC’s Spinning on Air radio program. They cover quite a few topics and play some songs of his.

Interested in hearing The BQE? Well, you can download it right here. It’s well worth a listen, and while it may not be music to sing along with (cause there’re no words, get it?), it’s definitely well-composed music with lots of emotion. Get it.




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