Blitz the Ambassador

28 10 2009

Originally, I planned to talk about a group called Hockey today, but my friend suggested hip-hopper Blitz the Ambassador. I decided to follow his advice.

So, what I’ve gathered about Blitz is that he was born in Ghana and ended up moving to Brooklyn. He currently has an album out, and apparently it’s gotten pretty positive reviews. It’s called Stereotype, and it has a dope cover, but I haven’t gotten to listen to it. Instead, I downloaded a mixtape from him. The mixtape is called On My Mixtape Sh*t, and you can download it for free right here.

Blitz the Ambassador 1

Hands of Time” was the first song to really catch my ear. I immediately was reminded of Macklemore’s joint, “At The Party”. See, both songs briefly go through a history of hip-hop, mentioning various artists, trends, and tunes. He talks about Jay-Z, Outkast, Missy Elliott, and T.I. in the last verse, using samples from each artist. As a matter of fact, he does that throughout the song. Pretty dope.

All the beats are awesome, and I especially like the use of horns throughout. Blitz really seems to draw a lot of influence from Mos Def, as far as his lyrical content is concerned. There’re multiple places in the mixtape where you can see Mos’s influence, such as the “Live at Lyricist Lounge” track.

Black Market” is my favorite track on the mixtape, but sadly, that’s only a small snippet. The link, however, is a link to the full version of the song. I not only love the sampling, but the lyrics are incredibly meaningful. Every line means something, and the message is consistently positive. I love that.

Blitz the Ambassador 2

And I guess that can be expanded to the album as a whole. It’s all about change and helping recreate not only hip hop, but humanity. Blitz the Ambassador is definitely a vital piece of an on-going movement. He’s here to stay.

“Aluta Continua. It means the struggle goes on and on.”

Download it.



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27 11 2009
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