Beat Maker Beat

26 10 2009

It’s incredible how much of an impact J Dilla had on hip-hop. Today’s artist is a Russian hip-hop producer out of St. Petersburg. He goes by the name of Beat Maker Beat, and he’s heavily influenced by Dilla.

I found BMB a week or two ago, while reading about Russian hip-hop on Wikipedia. It claimed he was a hot producer, so I figured I’d look him up. His name wasn’t my favorite, but I eventually grew used to it. The beats are mostly dope enough to see past it.

Beatmaker Beat 1

The only BMB album I’ve downloaded is Soul Food Music (Raw Drafts). It’s a purely instrumental album with 26 tracks. There are a few tracks that are misses, but for the most part, the beats are dope, and incredibly fun to freestyle over. If you’re an MC, a fan of freestyling, an admirer of beats, whatever, I suggest you get this album.

I can’t really speak for any of his other work, seeing as I haven’t downloaded anything else, but judging by this his production skills are tops. You can visit his MySpace, which is also his official site. He responds to messages, so if you’re an MC interested in collabing, hit him up. Who knows, he might be interested.

Beatmaker Beat 2

Due to the various spellings of his name, has multiple listings for him, so you can find him yourself if you want. He could be under Beatmaker Beat, Beat Maker Beat, or Beat-Maker-Beat. Honestly, doesn’t help much with this guy. It’s pretty much MySpace or bust here.

Either way, I’m done rambling about nothing. Download Soul Food Music (Raw Drafts) for free right here. It’s definitely worth it.

Get it.



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3 11 2009

keep on history!

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