YouTube Favorites

23 10 2009

Let me be honest with you. I totally forgot to write this on time. And I have to leave to Tennessee, well, pretty much now. Which means it’s time for a cop-out article. YouTube Favorites!

So, what I’m gonna do here is showcase 5 of my favorite YouTube videos. Some will be music-related, some won’t, but the point is, they’re quick and easy to list, and at times entertaining. Go ahead and check them out.

1) Go Longboard
What? Dope longboarding video with lots of cool shots. I’m not a huge longboarding fan, but these dudes are so good at it, that you have to respect them.

2) What Is Love? on Mario Paint Composer
What? Pretty impressive that this dude bothered to tab it all out… especially in such a shitty program. I’d like to see what he could do with a real music program. The synth that starts at 1:11 is the best.

3) Rodney Mullen 1984 Japan
What? A home video of Rodney Mullen doing some dope flatground stuff for a group of onlookers. Gotta love it.

4) Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains – A Take Away Show
What? Probably the best Take Away Show I’ve seen so far. The harmonies at the beginning are pretty awesome, and I don’t even really like vocals that much.

5) Mahnahmahnah!
What? A pure classic. One of the catchiest songs ever written. Incredible how a pure melody, with no real words, can get across so much.

Well, that’s all the time I have today. See how easy that was? Now it’s off to Tennessee to sit on the bench. Not just any bench, though… the A-team’s bench!




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