The Slip

22 10 2009

If you are thinking about something right now, odds are Chris doesn’t care about it. See, he’s practically the embodiment of apathy. But, the bright side is, he cares about The Slip. Check out this song.

I hate Boston’s teams, but the city produces some ill artists. Tonight’s example is a contemporary avant-rock trio known as The Slip.

The Slip 1

Let’s set up some backstory. The Slip formed in 1989 as a student rock band at Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts. Apparently they toured New England prep school campuses – about the equivalent of playing at every Gap in the northeast. Then there were a bunch of lineup shifts when the original crew graduated (and began shopping at Banana Republic), and at one point Sally Taylor (offspring of Carly Simon and James Taylor) sang for the group. For awhile, they all went to the Berklee School of Music. They then collectively dropped out – wicked awesome. All for a good cause, though, because a year later they released their debut album. Only took ’em, what, eight years? Weaksauce.

Long story short, they toured a bunch, made some more music, hit up Japan, toured some more, and then released some live stuff. In 2003, The Slip self-produced dual-release albums and started a spinoff group, Surprise Me Mr. Davis, which is basically The Slip plus a different singer. A few years later, The Slip’s best song, “Even Rats”, made an appearance in an entry of Guitar Hero, which is how everydaymusic first found the band. The album this song comes off of, Eisenhower, is the only album I’ve listened to fully; it’s pretty good. It leans more toward traditional indie rock than their earlier jazz-influenced jams. Definitely check out the songs “Even Rats” and “Children of December” – they’re probably the most popular tracks on the album, mostly because they’re the best. But the band has eight different albums out spanning nine years, so sample a little of everything to see what era you like the most.

The Slip 2

Well, that’s it for tonight. Everydaymusic Lite – tastes more like the original everydaymusic. Tune in next week for more guilt-free reading.




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8 12 2009
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[…] St. Augustine, Florida, and they play instrumental rock. They kind of remind me of a cross between The Slip and Explosions in the Sky, except with a bit of a harder side. The guys are incredibly talented, […]

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