21 10 2009

Before I start, I bought FIFA 10 last night, and it’s such a dope game. You should play it. Today’s musician is called Milkman, and he’s a mash-up artist (see Girl Talk) who’s blowing up on the college scene.

Milkman 1

I heard of this Milkman character last week or so, but he’s so talented at mashing up songs, I decided to get him in right away. I found him as a featured artist on Sad Steve. Go ahead and check out his Sad Steve artist profile. It’s got a bunch of his tracks, some of which you can probably also find for free download. You can also pledge money to artists if you like them enough. It’s super innovative in the fact that 100% of the money you donate goes to the artist. That means that you get to choose how much you’re paying for the music, and every penny goes to the artist, no middle man taking most of the money (like iTunes or Amazon).

The great thing is that his sampling is super well-rounded. “Trial and Error,” for example, contains samples from Jack Johnson (I think), The Postal Service, Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, Eminem, and others. And that’s just one song. How eclectic.

“Tribute to Mrs. Lonely” is probably my favorite song from Milkman. The whole collection of songs he features is enjoyable, and his chopping is super creative. Also, you can download it for free on the bottom toolbar of his website. As with most of his tracks, this one’s great.

He’s also touring, and I think he’s available to book for shows, if you’re interested in flying him out. Like I said earlier, he’s currently hitting up various colleges, of which the closest to me is Vanderbilt. Good for Vandy. You should definitely look into buying one of his albums. You can find them for sale on his website. If you’re in need of some mash-ups, Milkman’s the man.




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