16 10 2009

The other day I found this LA cat named TiRon on Last.fm. He makes hip-hop music, and it’s pretty dope. He’s got Ketchup out, and it’s definitely worth a download… which you can find for free at the end of this entry.


First things first. You can find TiRon on MySpace, and you can listen to some songs off Ketchup. I’m gonna tell you pretty confidently that you’ll like it. And that’ll make you want to download the whole album. TiRon’s on that technological tip. You can find him on Twitter and on Facebook. He also has Tumblr blog thing, called go ronnie. View it.

Def 82′” is definitely my favorite song off the album. The beat is fucking incredible. Lovin’ the horns. The lyricism is intricate, and not negative in the least, which is always the best. “The High” is the token tokin’ track, which most releases seem to have now. I’m not complaining, though. Sometimes he sounds so Kanye-esque but before all the auto-tune bullshit (see “Go Ronnie“), which is a plus. “Shine On” is also an incredibly dope track. Sick beat and consistent flow, but those are things you’ll come to expect from TiRon.

Go download the album for free. It’s called Ketchup, and it’s got great production value, with the lyrical content to boot. I’m serious.

Can’t beat free. Download it.



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