Mandeep Sethi

9 10 2009

I got to hang out with Mandeep Sethi tonight. We chilled and cyphered, and it was dope. He hooked me up with a CD, so I decided I’d listen to it and feature it. Word.

Mandeep was born in LA, but he’s outta San Francisco, and he knows so many people out there on the west coast, it’s insane. He knows Thes One, Aceyalone, and even Sabzi and Geo from Blue Scholars. Dude’s super dope, and his flow was insane. Freestylin’ with him was definitely a dank experience.

Mandeep Sethi 1

See, the album is just like a burned CD, so I don’t know the names of the tracks, but I’ma refer to them by their track numbers. The second track immediately had an impact on my brain. I really loved the beat, candy for the ears. It’s really dank to see more and more conscious hip-hoppers out there, a title which I’ll readily bestow upon Mandeep.

Mandeep mentioned that his next album is probably gonna be more experimental, which is something I’m really psyched to experience. The lyrics are consistently master-crafted, and they’re actually about something, which is the best part. It’s gonna be sick to hear him over some different beats, so that’s what’s really exciting. I’m interested to see if the conscious lyrics can shine through the experimental-ism.

Mandeep Sethi 2

The production is off the hook. Completely insane. Everything is so tight and sounds incredible. The eighth track is bringing back the west coast. Especially the beginning, that shit’s obnoxiously correct. Bangin’ smoke song. “Snoop meets Prim’!” according to MarQuise. Also, there’s some dope PUTS sampling. Look for it.

The last track is also bangin’. It sums his whole style up perfectly. He shows us what happens when India meets the West Coast, especially on the last track, and it sounds damn good. You should definitely check out his MySpace and his little MTV featured page. Dude’s doin’ big things, and hopefully he can help out everydaymusic and Gainesville Hip-Hop Collective. Speaking of which, if you’re interested in hip-hop and live in Gainesville, check us out on Facebook. You’ll love it. Word is bond.

Download the album for free, right here.




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10 12 2009
SET & RA « everydaymusic

[…] SET & RA 9 12 2009 I’ve been slackin on these posts, and I’ll continue to blame exam week. Good news is I’ve had a bunch of new music to help me through it. I’ve had Shay-J’s new album lined up for a few days now, but I keep moving it back. I’d like to do a track-by-track review, and I feel like I’ll do a more complete job if I wait until after my last exam. Today, it’s a new mixtape from Mandeep Sethi. […]

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