Everybody Else

8 10 2009

Holla. Today’s about Everybody Else. I know, that’s a lot of people. Haha. I’ve never listened to them. Chris has, though. So, he’ll talk about them.

(For clarification purposes, all judgment bestowed upon tonight’s artist by myself is based solely on their self-titled full-length debut.)

If you’re not on Last.fm yet, you’re whack. Yeah, I said it. Sign up, download the scrobbler, and transform the way you discover new music. It’s a priceless resource for everydaymusic, and it should be for you, too. Plus, your listening habits are graphed out for you – and we all know how well math and music go together!

Everybody Else 1

F’realzies, though, tonight’s band recruited me as a fan via Last.fm radio. They’re called Everybody Else, and they’re straight out of the Los Angeles area – Silverlake, to be exact. Their name comes from a B-Side by The Kinks, “I’m Not Like Everybody Else”. The Kinks are one of my all-time favorite groups, so immediately these guys gamboled to my good side. What’s more, they’re signed to label Militia Records, who have produced some excellent acts including Let Go, Copeland, Denison Witmer, Tahiti 80, and The Rocket Summer.

They’ve seen some limited exposure – SPIN Magazine named them Band of The Day in March 2007, which led to tours with Over It & The Higher that summer and select dates opening for Hanson in 2008. So far, the creds are there – but is the sound?

Oh yeah. Well, only if you like a carefully crafted combination of rock chords and pop standards crossed with straight-forward vocals (I can only take so much Mika at a time). They pull off a sound similar to early 2000’s pop rock, mirroring groups like All American Rejects at times, sans the yuppie boy band feel. Other songs remind me of Rooney mixed with early Fall Out Boy. One song even starts out to what I’m confident is the music that plays in Hyrule Castle after you get the Master Sword and it’s all infested with ReDeads (Ocarina of Time, y’all). Seriously. And the lyrics? As good or better than any of those artists.

Everybody Else 2

No track by track tonight though, folks – I’ve been playing with virgin sulfuric acid all day (don’t ask), so my brain cells are as scattered as Levi Johnston‘s. Besides, if I were you, I’d be so over me and all my opinions. They’re mostly hogwash.

I won’t leave you totally in the dark, however. My favorite songs on Everybody Else are “Meat Market,” “In Memoriam,” and “Makeup,” the last of which has a beat suspiciously evocative of “Express Yourself” by NWA. Though this is the only release I’ve heard by them, they’ve also put out a couple EPs and an acoustic version of this album, and are rumored to have another CD out sometime in 2009. I encourage you to check them out, and to remember that I’m a better hipster than you are for hearing about them first.




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