Ryan Lewis

7 10 2009

Seattle just keeps me coming back for more. Today it’s producer extraordinaire Ryan Lewis. And he doesn’t just do music. He does everything.

I discovered Ryan Lewis through Twitter. I think I ended up getting to him somehow through Macklemore. I checked up on him, and then he kind of left my mind, but after seeing his latest production (also his thesis at the University of Washington, mind you), I’m convinced I won’t forget his name.

The thesis project is called Fake Empire, and it’s a commentary on the technological takeover of the information age. Lewis shot the entire piece with regular cameras, edited it in Photoshop, and then put it together with the help of Final Cut Pro. It’s a sick piece and an insanely creative one at that.

Ryan Lewis

I was impressed with the Fake Empire video, so I decided to check out his ‘Pac Vs. Ferdinand piece. Lewis mashes up Tupac’s “Crooked Nigga Too” and Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out” in this video, and it results in a great tune, not to mention a dank video showing off his set-up. Which is ridiculously awesome.

On his MySpace you can find five purely instrumental tracks, all phenomenal beats, all produced by Lewis. They’re mostly fast-paced and seem like they’d be good club tunes, but they’d also be dope to spit on. Then, there’s “Fireflies,” which is a collaboration between him and Rhode Island rapper Symmetry. Their MySpace says the album was supposed to drop this October, but I was told by a more legitimate source that the date is now November 6 . I’m really psyched for this release, and hopefully I’ll be able to find it online somewhere. Doubt any stores in Florida will be carrying this release.

All in all, Ryan Lewis turns out some bangin’ work, and you should definitely check it out. You can go to his website, which is super sleek, and find out pretty much everything you need to know. Wooo, go Seattle.




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