The Oldians

5 10 2009

So, we’re into October, and things are getting good. Football season is warming up. It’s not hot as fuck all the time anymore. And the music is still good. Going in a new direction today with a great ska group, The Oldians.

See, I’ve always been under the impression that the predominant form of ska was the fast-paced, punk-type stuff that I heard from groups like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, all those popular ska groups. And that kind of stuff eventually got old to me. I mean, I love horns as much as anyone, but most of the bands were just too obnoxious for me.

The Oldians

Then, I was listening to, and this ska-type music came on… but it was slow. What was this? One of the tags was ska-jazz. I was immediately hooked. After doing some research, I learned that this was really the original ska, the real stuff… the good stuff.

A group that particularly caught my ear is The Oldians. “Smooth Taste” is a song I downloaded by them, and it’s currently the only song I have by them, but I’ve listened to them more on They have a female vocalist sometimes, who is okay, but not necessarily my favorite. I’m not saying she’s not good, though. Definitely a great vocal talent.

Was this a super shitty post? Of course it was. They mostly are. The point is, it’s music you might like if you listen to it. You can listen to full tracks from The Oldians for free on, so give them a chance. You can even download “Smooth Taste” for free. The Oldians are good. Don’t let my writing throw you.




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