The John Carver Band

2 10 2009

This Friday brings us a Jacksonville group called The John Carver Band. They play acoustic, folk rock. Relaxing stuff.

I’d never heard of The John Carver Band until a few weeks ago, when my roommate and I were talking about groups from Jacksonville. I did myself the favor of visiting their website where I found three full-length tracks to listen to. “Turn This Car Around” has to be my favorite track that’s featured on the site. I detect shades of Guster in it, which is always a plus.

The John Carver Band 1

An apparently pretty tech-savvy group, The John Carver Band is all over the web, having property in the lands of MySpace, Facebook, and Their folky jams are pretty pleasing to the ears, especially when you hear the right ones. “Until Then” is apparently their most popular track, according to MySpace and It’s a song of phases, that swells and subsides, but manages to maintain a peaceful and poppy feel.

Bad Moves” is a great tune, and I love the singer’s voice in the verses of this song. Not such a huge fan of the chorus, but the verses are so awesome that they make up for it. “Elephant Song” is a nice, relaxed tune, covering a touching message about humanity under the cloak of the mellow life of elephants. And I agree with them. It’d be nice to be an elephant.

The John Carver Band has a self-titled album out, which you can purchase on digitally on Amazon or on CD Baby, where you can also purchase a physical copy. More information on purchasing the band’s music can be found at their official site. They’ll be playing at Murray Hill Theatre tomorrow night, 3 October 2009, at 7:00 PM. The show’s $10 at the door. It’s definitely a performance worth checking out. Support The John Carver Band.



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