People Under The Stairs

30 09 2009

So, there’s this one group I’ve been wanting to get into for a while, but I just hadn’t been able to find an album by them anywhere. Luckily, the Underground Hip Hop Collection blog helped me out, and directed me to an album. It’s People Under the Stairs.

PUTS is a group from Los Angeles, California, and they’ve been around since 1997. They released their first album in 1998. It’s called The Next Step, and you can download it for free right here. Since The Next Step, PUTS has released five studio albums and has another one due out 13 October 2009, which I can’t wait to wrap around my ears. “Acid Raindrops” is undoubtedly their most popular song, and although it’s a great tune, it’s not my favorite by them. The song is a good showcase of their smooth, laid-back style, though, and you should listen to it.

People Under The Stairs 2

So, if you’ve downloaded The Next Step, I suggest listening to it all the way through. After all, there’s a reason artists put songs in a certain order on an album, so say true to the artistic vision. After I heard the album, there were a few songs that had a lasting impact on me.

San Francisco Knights” was the first of those songs. The sample used for the hook is purely hypnotic, and super relaxed. The riff that’s used throughout gives the song a jazzy feel, and when it’s combined with the sick flows of Thes One and Double K, it’s got an atmospheric sound. The subject matter isn’t bad either. How smoky.

Ten Tough Guys” is another great tune. What I really love about this track is the contrast between the beat and the lyrics. While the beat lends at a laid-back, friendly feel, the lyrics are far from it, making it sound like a battle track that got high. Thes One’s verse is crazy innovative, and the flow just keeps evolving.

People Under The Stairs 1

Slow Bullet” is an awesome instrumental. “Mid-City Fiesta” is sick, especially around 2 minutes in. “The Next Step II” was featured in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. And those are all on The Next Step. What an album. “Empty Bottles of Water” is also an awesome track, and it’s off of O.S.T..

Carried Away is the name of the album that’s supposed to be dropping in like a week and a half. I highly suggest finding it and either buying it or downloading it. This group is fucking sick. Totally worth listening to.




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9 10 2009
Mandeep Sethi « everydaymusic

[…] smoke song. “Snoop meets Prim’!” according to MarQuise. Also, there’s some dope PUTS sampling. Look for […]

17 11 2009

Don’t tell ’em to either fucking buy it or download it.
Just say buy it, P needs that, hard enough as it is.

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