Underground Hip Hop Collection

28 09 2009

Yo, so today, instead of talking about an artist, I’ma let everyone know about an awesome website that features a bunch of free hip-hop album downloads. It’s the Underground Hip Hop Collection.

I found this website last week, when I decided I needed to find some place to download The Pharcyde‘s albums. It featured their whole discography, which was very convenient. I even went ahead and got an album from The People Under The Stairs, since I’ve been looking for one for a while.

As a matter of fact, there are 92 albums from artists classified as West Coast Artists. You can find those on the left side of the blog. Where the blog really shines, though, is in the East Coast category. They feature 443 different albums from East Coast Artists, including KRS-One‘s discography, Tribe‘s discography, De La‘s, and even Atmosphere‘s.

Both Pharcyde’s and People Under The Stairs’ albums were hosted on a website called hotfile or something like that, but there’re also some links to various torrents, so that’s a bit more advanced than just pressing a button that says download. Either way, this website is definitely a great resource for all hip-hop lovers, and it deserves a bookmark. Check it out. Also, if you visit, or download, click a couple of the ads, just so the blog gets some support. Enjoy!



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6 10 2009


9 09 2010
Sunny Dee

Awesome! Thank you! You are definitely a great resource!

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