Rob Roy

25 09 2009

Back in the day, I had a substitute teacher. This was in middle school, so probably like 2002 or something. His name was Mr. Roy. He was real cool. Now, he lives in LA, and he’s had a song on HBO series Entourage. He is Rob Roy.

Never did I think that this substitute teacher I once had would ever become a successful hip-hop artist. Hell, I didn’t even know he was a hip-hop artist until years after he subbed. You can check out his MySpace to hear some of his tunes.

“Fur in my Cap” is his most popular song, and it was the song featured in the episode of Entourage. I’ve never seen Entourage, so I don’t really know where in the episode it was featured, but my friend who watches the show told me it was definitely there. It’s definitely a good tune, with a pretty basic beat, leaving you to focus on the smooth delivery. The second verse is my favorite, especially how he twists and crams the syllables towards the end. The minimalism of the track is what gives it a characteristic sound.

Rob Roy 1

My one complaint is the production. While it’s really tight, it eventually gets pretty repetitive. Now, keep in mind, I’m only judging from what I’ve heard on the MySpace. His album may have a good variety of tracks. Personally, though, I’d be interested to hear him with some different production. Might be interesting.

All in all, Rob Roy’s rhymes are pretty dope. As you can probably tell by the insanely smooth flow, he’s an intelligent guy. Dude’s got major lyrical talent, and his delivery always keeps you on your toes. He’s got a CD out, called King Warrior Magician Lover, and you can listen to it in it’s entirety on imeem. Support Rob Roy.




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