Harlem Shakes

22 09 2009

So, I originally planned to review Wale’s new album Attention: Deficit, today, but the release has been pushed back to 3 November 2009. He decided to tour with Jay and Lupe before he released it. Good business choice. Instead I’m talking about the Harlem Shakes. They’re pretty sweet.

The Harlem Shakes are a group I first heard through Last.fm Radio, which is a common source for my musical discoveries. They’ve got some electronic elements every now and then, kind of following the kick I’ve been on recently, but I’d say they’re more alternative/indie than anything. They actually toured with Passion Pit earlier this year. Good fit.

Harlem Shakes 1

On their MySpace, they have five songs you can listen to, which provides a nice preview of the group, but if you’re interested in hearing their entire catalog, you should visit their Last.fm profile. There you can find all 15 tracks the group has released on their two albums available to please your ears for free.

Strictly Game” is their most popular track, and it’s definitely a solid one. They finished up the music video for this track over this past summer. It’s a pretty great video, making a play on all those YouTube videos for songs that are created by random people and have various still shots of the band. Just give it a few seconds. You’ll like it.

They released Technicolor Health in March of this year, and it’s a pretty sweet album, judging by the songs I’ve heard so far. You can download your favorite Harlem Shakes songs off of SadSteve, for frizzee. I also found a link to a free download of the album, so you should give it a try. Probably worth it.



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