21 09 2009

I’ve been told to listen to today’s group by multiple people. They compose mostly instrumental, electronic-influenced, indie music. The group is called Ratatat, and they’re today’s topic.

I’ve gotta confess, I had no idea this group was mostly instrumental. I assumed they were just another Passion Pit or Cut Copy sort of act. The fact that they create purely instrumental tracks gives me a lot more respect for them, for one reason or another. I saw a video of Kid Cudi performing on David Letterman about a week ago, and Ratatat was backing him up. I was really impressed with the performance Ratatat put on, but I think Kid Cudi kind of ruined everything. He seems like a great dude to smoke with, but I just don’t think he can sing that well. I’m glad he doesn’t Autotune, though. He wins my respect for that. But this isn’t about him.

Ratatat 1

Ratatat has been around since 2001, releasing their self-titled, first album in 2004. I’ve listened to the tracks they have on their MySpace, and I’ve gotta say, they’re really talented musicians. I definitely respect them. Would I personally listen to them a lot? Probably not. The music sounds crazy futuristic, and they’ve usually got a really consistent, club-type kick going, which gives me a head ache after too long. A good thing about their music is that something’s always happening. There’s rarely a dull moment in the tracks, and there’s always a bunch of layering going on. I think it’d be interesting to see their tracks laid out in Pro Tools or FL Studio or something.

Shempi” is a pretty cool song. It’s really busy, with all that layering that I talked about above. It seems like a cool blend of a club mindset and an indie mindset, which is really interesting to hear. The song “Wildcat” has the most plays on the MySpace, and it’s my favorite as well. The bass line is killer. The various guitar slides help give the song a futuristic feel. The breakdown is pretty cool. Clearly, they can put together nice melodies.

Ratatat doesn’t have any tour information up on the MySpace as of now, but I’m assuming they should probably join someone on a tour fairly soon. It might even involve Kid Cudi. That’s a total assumption, though. You can hit SadSteve for some quick, free downloads of some Ratatat songs, including this interesting track involving the song “Get ‘Em High” by Kanye West. Ratatat… a talented group, but a product of the system, nonetheless.




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3 11 2010
Capricorn Male ·

my favorite song of Kid Cudi is “day and night” i just love that song *

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